Factor 1 – Promote concentration.

Hybrid working means moving around and multiplying work spaces. This sometimes means making phone calls or attending meetings in noisy places, train stations and often simply out in the open. It’s therefore important to choose professional headsets that promote concentration,

meaning noise reduction technologies, among other things. This ranges from artificial intelligence tools for real-time noise reduction, to advanced and optimal product hardware design. Another simple but important feature is a headset busylight that limits interruptions.

This saves your employees’ peace of mind while maximising their concentration.

How does the Jabra Evolve2 range meet these criteria?

“The Evolve2 headsets suppress up to 54% of ambient noise with their superior acoustic design and memory foam cushioning. And thanks to their active noise reduction, you can concentrate on your tasks 100%.

Plus, our new and improved Busylight is more visible than ever—from every angle—so you can avoid being interrupted as much as possible. ”

Factor 2 – Promote collaboration.

There’s nothing worse than making a call or joining a meeting only to hear a tinny voice at the other end. Without counting on the network, it’s important to choose the best headset to have the highest call quality. Apart from the obvious comfort element, it is above all collaboration that is at stake. A better auditory understanding of the person on the other end allows for greater collaboration, more constructive exchanges and greater shared reflection.

How does the Jabra Evolve2 range meet these criteria?

“The microphones in the new Jabra Evolve2 professional headsets offer users HD pickup for the most natural sounding voices possible. This includes a state-of-the-art noise-cancelling microphone that complies with open office specifications and therefore must meet strict noise and expertise standards.

These technologies really help to boost collaboration and, most importantly, to hear and be heard well.”

Factor 3 – Promote agility.

A tool that connects poorly to their computer or business phone can be a real waste of time for your employees. Even more so when they are on the move, and have to switch between devices.

In addition, when in a call or meeting that goes on for a long time, the headset needs to have the battery power to continue providing top notch audio both ways. And when calls last longer than expected, user comfort becomes all the more important! It must be comfortable to wear, light and—something often underestimated—wireless, so the user can also stretch their legs at home or in the office.

How does the Jabra Evolve2 range meet these criteria?

"The new Jabra Evolve2 professional headsets offer users extended comfort and a wireless range (up to 30m) for demanding use. They can connect to their mobile or office phone, softphone and/or computer in a flash so all their needs are covered.

Designed with high quality, durable materials based on biometric measurements of hundreds of heads for ultimate all-day comfort, the ergonomics of the headsets are an important focus of the range. Whichever wearing style (headband, over-the-ear...) you choose, you can be sure of user comfort for hours on end!"

Hybrid work represents a real challenge for companies. By choosing Bechtle’s Device as a Service, CIOs have access to the latest device technology and a multitude of services. When it comes to business headsets, Bechtle has chosen Jabra to provide the right products for employees, promoting concentration during calls, collaboration, audio quality and comfort for extended use.