Device as a service: Latest hardware including lifecycle services
Everything as a Service - Apr 25, 2022

“As a Service” – Our specialists explain the trend!

We’ve all noticed how the “as a Service” trend is spreading across many sectors in society—from cars and smartphones, to power supplies or even diapers.

This trend holds big advantages for the IT sector and it was foreseeable that it would it spread. For this reason, Bechtle expanded on this trend two years ago and brought Device as a Service (DAAS) onto the market. For this turnkey solution companies sign a monthly subscription and receive an entire IT park as well as service packages that cover the entire lifecycle of the products for their employees.

Take 7 minutes out of your time to watch the #Décryptage von BFM Business video, in which our DaaS specialist Yoann Duval and the Lenovo channel manager Darijan Moro explain the current “as a Service” trends and Bechtle’s DAAS offer.

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This post was published on Apr 25, 2022.