What is Weka?

Today’s workloads require a new category of storage. This must provide the performance, manageability and scalability required to achieve or maintain a company’s competitive edge.

The Weka data platform was designed and optimised for modern data-intensive workloads. It is specifically designed to take data storage and availability to the next level as the performance requirements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) continue to increase.

Its architecture and performance are designed to optimise GPU utilisation in cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployments, delivering data that can accelerate EPOCH Comprehension Time by up to 80x.

The 3 must-haves of an excellent storage platform

When selecting the best possible storage platform, it is necessary to focus on three strategic elements: Simplicity of management, speed of execution and scalability. The ideal is to choose a solution from the intersection of these three elements.





Indeed, ease of management, system performance and scalability to meet demand are the most important considerations when selecting a storage solution. Weka’s solutions represent the intersection of these 3 criteria and thus meet the actual needs of the market in the best possible way.

Are you interested in Weka? You can find out more and test the data platform in our Bechtle Demo Centre:





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