Bechtle Life - Aug 24, 2021

Employee Interview - Audrey Clément

"Working together with partners and colleagues in the marketing team, I put together campaigns on various topics (HPC, security, etc.). "


Audrey Clément





Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Audrey, I’m 27 and come from Villeneuve Les Avignon. I moved to the Alsace three years ago for love and I feel very much at home here now. Before arriving in Strasbourg, I studied at a business school for digital marketing in Nantes.


Let’s talk a little bit about digital marketing. As a result of restructuring in Bechtle’s marketing department, you are now a campaign manager. Can you explain what exactly that entails?

Working together with partners and colleagues in the marketing team, I put together campaigns on various topics (HPC, security, etc.). That means that I am responsible for projects and manage campaigns from start to finish. That means partner management and media and content selection. The thing I most enjoy about this new position is the relationship with the partners as I’m always learning and getting to know new technologies, products, etc. I really do my homework when it comes to campaigns. Brainstorming with the team, discovering interesting topics, trend analyses—these are all the things I really enjoy.


Which skills have you acquired?

I’d say there are three main skills. Comprehensive knowledge of specific areas like HPC and the Modern Workplace. General knowledge of my colleagues new positions including paid media, content manager and lead manager, plus the ability to lead a campaign as a conductor would an orchestra.


What advice would you give a future campaign manager?

You need to be patient and organised because there is a lot to do during a campaign. We work with various partners on numerous topics, so time management and keeping to deadlines are absolutely critical. Last but not least, I’d say that you have to be open-minded and creative in order to develop new ideas and rest on your laurels.


Who is the person who has most impressed you at Bechtle?

Gary T. (Account Developer) because he does a job I cannot imagine doing myself. His work amazes me and he is always open to new things—be that in marketing campaigns or something else. And, he’s also really funny!


You joined the marketing team in October 2018. What are your memories of your first day?

The marketing team specifically and the Bechtle team as a whole were very welcoming. People came up to me and, since I had only just moved here, it was very important for me to feel at ease here.


It seems you don’t have just ONE passion but several. Tell us more about them.

I love Japan—the culture, mangas, cosplay, video games. I studied there for six months and still look back fondly on that time.

Then there’s Disney. It’s a world I love. I think I’ve been to Disneyland in Marne la Vallée at least a dozen times and I really hope I can again soon!


Your favourite Disney film?

I know that one. Frozen!


How would your parents describe you?

As a very persistent and empathetic person, who is always laughing.


And finally, which question do you wish I’d asked?

Would you like to win a trip to Japan? The answer would’ve been yes!

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This post was published on Aug 24, 2021.