Bechtle Life - Apr 5, 2022

Employee interview : Didier Hellburg

Didier Hellburg has been part of the Bechtle family for over 20 years and today heads the General Services department. Here, he gives us some insight into his successful career!







Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Didier and I’m 58, nearly 59. I’m married and have five kids.


What was it like when you joined Bechtle?

I joined Bechtle on 05 March 2021 as a CPM (Country Portfolio Manager) and at the end of 2002, I moved to the Sales department


What is your educational background?

I started work as soon as I had completed my science-oriented A-Levels. I worked for 10 years in the wholesale sector as a head of department for Auchan, Coop d'Alsace and then Cora, as a salesman for bespoke kitchens and SFR mobile telephony and then took the reigns at the electronics and computer company, Tandy. (I discovered micro-computing back in 1985). I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few others!

My Bechtle career has been just as varied—CPM, key account assistant (later public sector), NAV coordinator, in-house IT coordinator, BIOS coordinator, Head of Returns the Customer Service and then, Alain offered me the position in General Services.


What is it that you do exactly?

I make sure that technical operations at Bechtle France work seamlessly and am the link between the group and Bechtle France when it comes to NAV and in-house IT.


What skills does a Head of General Services need to possess in your opinion?

Patience, patience and patience! You have to be able to listen have good people skills and also be able to handle tough situations.


Have you been able to acquire any news skills since starting at Bechtle?

I taught myself all about corporate IT, which is entirely different to the IT we know from our personal lives. In the process of doing so, I didn’t just learn the technical side of things, but also about management skills.


What is the next step on the Bechtle career ladder?

There are only a few more months before I retire!


Which three words would you use to describe Bechtle?

An extraordinary company.  (Three words exactly!)


Enough about work... What are your interests?

My family of course,

but also music.

  I play the guitar and am also a member of an orchestra. (Municipal orchestra of Wasselonne – MUZIKE). It’s really more like a big band than it is an orchestra. I’ve been really lucky to have worked with some great musicians such as Bernard Struber (jazz musician) and Ray Halbeisen, who accompanied us a few times on the saxophone and clarinet. The thing that brings me the most joy, however, is playing with my daughter, who is a pianist and flautist.

I also really enjoy aerial photography. I’m a professional drone pilot and thinking about setting up a small business after I retire.

And last but not least, clubs. I was chair of my local tennis club for ten years, and then for five years I was treasurer of the orchestra and, since 2014, I’ve been deputy mayor for community life.


How would your nearest and dearest describe you?

Hmmm. My family would say that I’m not around enough, and they are right. I try very hard to juggle my family, Bechtle and my role as an elected official.

Generally though, people describe me as pleasant, friendly, open-minded and helpful.  


What film does everyone need to see?

Don’t Look Now – We’re Being Shot At! I can’t get enough of it!


Is there anything else we should know about you?

I like to cook, but I don’t have the time to!

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This post was published on Apr 5, 2022.