Bechtle Life - Nov 29, 2021

Employee Interview - Elsa Baltazar

"Account Manager - Does that mean anything to you? Elsa explains it all to you! Come and discover this job through the story of our employee... "


Elsa Baltazar





Could you introduce yourself? 

My name is Elsa and I’m 24.
After completing my business administration course, I travelled to Guatemala where I had the opportunity to take care of caimans!
I then joined Bechtle and have been working as a public sector account manager for two months.


Why did you choose to volunteer abroad?

I wanted to do something meaningful before I started working
and I love animals, so the opportunity to go to Guatemala and take care of them was the perfect way of combining the two.


Can you tell us a little bit about your career at Bechtle so far?

I started six months ago as a deputy sales representative, but I quickly discovered that the job really wasn’t the best fit for me. I was then offered another position within the company and I’ve now been an account manager for two months.


And you prefer that role? 

Definitely! As a deputy sales representative, I never had the opportunity to build long-term relationships with my customers, but now I can!
As an account manager I can really work for and with my customers and offer them much more comprehensive support in terms of solutions and products.
I can also manage my own portfolio!


In your opinion, what qualities are essential for the job?

You definitely have to be inquisitive, be able to listen and most important of all, you have to have perseverance.


Have you been able to acquire any news skills since starting at Bechtle? 

I’ve expanded my technical knowledge and have learned to work more independently, which is reflected in the fact that I speak up more often than I used to.  I’m becoming more confident! 


Which three words would you use to describe Bechtle?

Warm, dynamic and enduring.


Let’s talk about you for a moment… What are your interests?

I’ve been a keen footballer for many years, playing left-back for ten. Otherwise, I enjoy going out with friends and my biggest passion is dancing. 


What kind of music do you like to dance to? 

Anything that gets my foot tapping, but especially American rap.


One final question. Do you have a favourite film? 

I have eight! All of the Harry Potter films.
I’m a huge fan of them and I love the world they create. Everyone has to watch them. They are classics.

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This post was published on Nov 29, 2021.