Bechtle Life - Mar 3, 2022

Employee interview – Marine Geng

Campaign Manager – Does that mean anything to you? Read our interview with Marine Geng from marketing who’ll fill you in!







Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?  

So, my name is Marine, I’m 32, have a young son and am in love with my better half. I dream of a better world (you could say I’m a bit utopian) and hate bad people (I’m getting riled up just thinking about it!). 


What was it like when you joined Bechtle?

When I first started at Bechtle, I had the job of organising a company event with some 30 stands and partners to organise and manage. I had to book the rooms, caterer, and service providers, look after the partners, and create the visuals. This meant I had to take care of everything—from the colour of the carpet to fire regulations and event marketing. It was a lot!  There was so much to do that I ended up forgetting our team’s name tags!


What is your educational background?

First I studied Spanish and French at an international school before switching to economics. I wanted to see and do everything!


You currently work at Bechtle as a campaign manager. What does that entail?

My job is to develop marketing campaigns on DaaS and the Modern Workplace. What information do our customers need? How can I make our products and services stand out? How can we create leads for our solutions and sales teams? These are some of the many tasks that my daily work is filled with.


What qualities does a campaign manager need, in your opinion?

You need to be organised and able to multitask—we call it being like a Swiss army knife!


Have you been able to acquire any news skills since starting at Bechtle?

Working as a team, I would say. In previous jobs I always used to complete my work completely alone. In Bechtle’s Marketing Team, we work together, help each other, and discuss things... it was totally new to me.


What would be the next thing you would like to work on at Bechtle?

Right now, I’d like to just enjoy my new role to the full. I’ve been really looking forward to it! I always wanted to be a project manager, and now I am and I’m thrilled! I would also like to possibly head up a team.  I think the relationships would be a great challenge.


Which three words would you use to describe Bechtle?



But enough talk about work! Do you have any hobbies?
So many! There are so many interesting things in this world and unfortunately too little time to do them all!
I spend most of my time on activities that are directly or indirectly to do with maternity, pregnancy, motherhood and early child development and education.
I’m also a keen gardener—my vegetable garden is the best place to totally lose yourself at little cost.

And last but not least, I have a fiery passion for cook books!
I love to wander through the cook book section of book shops and then try the recipes out later!


How would your nearest and dearest describe you? 
Like Switzerland, because I can never make any decisions, a sweet lover, understanding, in love with life, she-wolf, creative.
Those are the positive aspects!


What film does everyone need to see? 

“Capernaum” by Nadine Labaki
“For Sama” by Waad Al-Kateab
“Adam” by Maryam Touzani

And if you missed these three, try Don’t Look Up. It’s a film that opens your eyes but in a funny and satirical way.


Is there anything else we should know about you? Hmmm.
That’s for you to find out.

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This post was published on Mar 3, 2022.