Modern Workplace - Nov 23, 2021

The cloud – The silver bullet for updating your company’s Microsoft Open programme

From 1 January 2022, Microsoft licence customers will not be able to purchase or update software licences or online services via the Open License programme. Bechtle can help you jump this hurdle, depending on the size of your company. We answer some of your questions in this blog post.

The Open programmes—Open Value, Open Value Subscription and Open License—boast a customisable platform and volume purchase discounts for a simple and affordable way for SMEs to purchase the latest Microsoft technology. With the Microsoft Open programmes, you can add online service subscriptions to your existing contract to allow yourself to transition to the cloud at your own pace.

From 1 January, 2022, open-ended software will be introduced to the Cloud Solution Provider programme and Open Value programme, enabling you to expand your options in cloud and managed services.

The aim of introducing open-ended software into the program is to make Microsoft and their partners’ solutions affordable as soon as possible.


How can I prepare for this transition?

The Bechtle team are there to support you. You’ll get the licences best suited to your needs as well as all solutions required to simplify licence management and synchronisation with partner platforms.

The Bechtle Cloud offering enables you to keep a closer eye on your software costs (billing to a single cost centre). This means more flexibility in your purchases and investments. Benefit from dedicated admin support and the opportunity of faster shipments.

With our solution, you can offer your company completely new options without affecting control, trust or the security of your computers.

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This post was published on Nov 23, 2021.