Modern Workplace - Jun 29, 2022

How to retain employees in a hybrid world.

After more than two years of pandemic life, one thing is absolutely clear: Remote work is here to stay.

As colleagues shift between working at home and in the office, audio and video conferencing has enabled them to stay on the same page and not miss a thing no matter where they are. Employers who empower their workforce with the mobility they’ve come to love and expect score a crucial point when it comes to winning and keeping the best talent and ultimately sharpen their competitive edge. Provided they are doing it right …

Read our expert tips on enhancing remote collaboration with Poly.


Tip 1 – Give your employees the tech they need to do the job.

It may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but …

In order to make people feel they are on a truly equal footing, they must be clearly seen and heard during virtual meetings, and be able to clearly see and hear others, too. It’s important to understand that both ends of the conversation matter for a good remote meeting experience.

Professional-grade headsets, webcams, videobars and speakers can make a huge difference in the way people interact over a distance.


Tip 2 – Keep it simple.

Your typical remote user is not a communications engineer. They want easy-to-use devices that simply work. Automated features such as speaker tracking, noise cancellation, acoustic and visual feedback when their mic is on mute are not only useful, they also make users feel confident and in control. And of course, devices must be compatible with the hardware and software setup of remote workers, and in particular the popular communication and collaboration platforms.


Tip 3 – Understand roles and work styles.

You’ll find a great variety of different people, roles and individual work styles in your company. So when you equip your employees to work at home, it’s important to take that into account. After all, you’ll want to enable an optimal meeting experience for every one of them,

and that means matching each role’s specific communication and collaboration needs with the right tech to help everyone be more engaged and productive no matter where they work. Analysing your workforce to understand just how many different work styles exist in your company is a quick and easy way to help you plan your resources right.

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This post was published on Jun 29, 2022.