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Procurement - Feb 17, 2022

How can you improve your purchasing process with e-procurement integration?

Handle a high number of orders? Have a large range of products?
You can increase productivity and improve the quality of your services by synchronising your data (customers, orders, stocks) between your ERP and Bechtle’s procurement solution.
How to integrate your company’s ERP system? What are the benefits?

Your ERP is the best way to gain agility and responsiveness. It’s an indispensable tool for ensuring supply reliability. It evaluates your needs, places orders, and simulates cost prices.


How should you link to your ERP system

  • Link up ERP systems via OCI (“PunchOut”) interface: Open Catalogue Interface (OCI) is a standard interface allowing an exchange of catalogue data between the ERP system (SAP EBP / SRM, etc.) and other catalogues.
    This allows the user to access the supplier’s current catalogue data directly via the internet using standard internet protocols.
  • Link up to marketplace via PunchOut Level 1: Your website can be integrated via an OCI interface or via the SAP Ariba-specific cXML format.
    In this process, the user moves away from their own purchasing system and switches to our externally linked procurement platform.
  • Link up to marketplace via PunchOut Level 2: While the end user has to exit their system to search for items in the PunchOut Level 1 catalogues, PunchOut Level 2 allows them to search for items directly in their purchasing solution.
    In this way, the end user can search directly in their purchasing solution for both integrated catalogue articles and external catalogue items linked via PunchOut Level 2.
  • Linking to marketplaces via static catalogues: For static or hosted catalogues, Bechtle makes its catalogue data available at regular intervals as a structured file.
    Catalogue data includes information on items such as name, description and price.


How to integrate procurement?

With the Bechtle e-procurement system, you are always connected via standardised interfaces. You can quickly access your offers, orders, articles or billing data in real time—updated daily. And automatically transfer all your selected items from your ERP system with the PunchOut interface.

Save time, as the information in the catalogues linked no longer needs to be entered by hand. You can continue to use the same internal processes in your purchasing department and through appropriate user/role management, you can decide who can see which catalogues.

In this tool, staff can log their needs, projects, and purchasing predictions.
Requisitions are routed to the purchasing department and subjected to digitalised approval procedures, thus multiplying the benefits—closer collaboration with suppliers, better demand forecasting, automated purchasing, better order tracking.
An e-procurement solution therefore allows for more efficient procurement with fewer errors thanks to automation and no double entry, as well as negotiated pricing conditions and boosted efficiency for all involved.


No matter which solution and type of integration you need, Bechtle’s e-procurement services make it easier for you to purchase IT products, unburden your employees, simplify planning and control, and save your company time and valuable resources that you can use for other business processes and projects.

Any questions? Our experts are happy to help.


Quentin Heinrich

Phone: +33 (0)3 67 07 97 41

Quentin Heinrich

Phone: +33 (0)3 67 07 97 41

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This post was published on Feb 17, 2022.