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Security - Jul 4, 2022

Provide the best protection possible for the most popular method of attack – E-mails.

To keep your employees productive, your information system must be protected.

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of your landscape, this will require a lot of time and effort from your team. More and more people are working remotely from a multitude of devices. Quite often, e-mail mailboxes are in the cloud, which poses a security threat of it’s own. Not to mention that attacks are getting more and more sophisticated.

E-mail security is only a fraction of the security infrastructure that your team has to manage. The good news is that there is a cloud-based solution that makes the job easier and relieves your team substantially, so you can concentrate on more strategic security initiatives again.

Are you willing to take the plunge with your company?

It’s important for your company that:

  • Your data is protected in adherence with state and market-specific regulations.
  • Your e-mail security policies are migrated into the cloud.
  • Your protection can keep up with the ever-changing e-mail threat situation.

Not impressed by your e-mail protection solution? Make your life easier with Cisco Secure E-mail.

It’s time to break the mould for e-mail security. Secure e-mail enables swift detection, isolation, analysis and troubleshooting of cyberattacks to your e-mail.


How does this solution block the most common and dangerous threats in order to protect your e-mails on premise and in the cloud?

  • Protection against phishing, business e-mail compromise, malware in attachments and ransomware with Cisco Talos, industry leading threat intelligence. To guarantee that new and old threats are detected and prevented, your cloud e-mail security needs to rely on extensive information. Create a multi-layered approach to protecting your e-mails.
  • Save your data with strong encryption mechanisms and stay compliant with state and industry specific regulations.
  • Sensitise your teams because cybercriminals know that employees are an easy target. The Cisco Secure Awareness workshop teaches users how to be smarter and work more securely.
  • Protect yourself against malicious data and malware attachments with Cisco Secure Email Malware Defense.
  • The integration with SecureX enables more transparency and automation across all Cisco Secure products and provides great security and stable business operations.

Discover Cisco Secure e-mail solutions (formerly known as Cisco Email Security), that optimally protect e-mails from cyber threats!

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This post was published on Jul 4, 2022.