Bechtle makes high performance computing accessible for all

Illkirch-Graffenstaden, 7 December 2021 – Bechtle France adds to their armoury with an Advanced Solutions Experts Team to better support customers, especially those in high performance computing and artificial intelligence. Bechtle’s motto is “top-class technology, accessible for all”.

  • Enhanced customer support through targeted recruitment of staff, skill development, and reliable partnerships with market leaders.
  • More dedicated HPC/AI demo and test resources (some unique to France) for customers.
  • Mutual trust between Bechtle’s teams and customers that adds up to big success stories.


Cutting-edge technology and expertise make the topic accessible for all

A unit dedicated solely to future projects involving HPC and AI for companies and public sector customers brings Bechtle’s wish—to be THE future-proof partner for its customers. Hiring new employees and earning high-level certifications, from NVIDIA in particular (ELITE Level—highest status, in the areas Virtualisation and Compute DGX), cements this position. To be able to offer holistic solutions, reliable partnerships are forged with the key industry players such as HPE, DELL, and LENOVO.

Bundling expertise with a common goal—making HPC & KI accessible for all. “Yes, they are specific topics that our strategy aims to make accessible to everyone, no matter their company’s technical and financial limitations,” says John Morelle, HPC & AI Consultant at Bechtle.

And with webinars and other campaigns like "HPC for all", Bechtle France wants to demonstrate that companies can use these solutions to boost productivity as well as their capacity, no matter their industry or size. Some examples are shortening a product’s time-to-market or the processing of transactions and statistical data analysis.


HPC/KI/VDI 3D demonstration centre – A unique offering

At this centre, Bechtle customers will be able to test various solutions, like the HPC demonstration cluster under Bright Cluster Manager, Multi Target BeeGFS server, Dual CPU servers with multiple NVIDIA cards (QUADRO RTX A6000, TESLA T4 etc.) and the NVIDIA DGX STATION A100 Version 40 GB.

In order to promote accessibility for all, these tests and demonstrations are performed right at Bechtle France’s site in Illkirch-Graffenstaden and also remotely on request.  But there is another interesting proposal—Bechtle’s HPC specialists can install these solutions for customers on a temporary or loan basis, for them to experience the benefits for themselves on their own sites and four tests were carried out within just five months.


When customers talk

Pasteur Institute, IRCAD, Spark Racing, EUROCFD and VIDETICS—these are just come of the companies and public sector clients that have chosen Bechtle over the last few years.

2021’s flagship projects were advancing the Maestro project at the Pasteur Institute and acquiring the first NVIDIA DGX™ A100 STATION (with Bechtle as the first reseller) in France through the IRCAD.

And that’s not all. Bechtle’s HPC team have just completed a project with the customer ARTIZANS (developer of the key app, PhotoRoom—https://www.photoroom.com)  and in connection with this is the first reseller in France to sell the new generation DGX Station with 4 A100/80 GB GPUs.


L’ensemble de ces références est disponible sur : https://www.bechtle.com/fr/solutions-informatiques/high-performance-computing/references





About Bechtle.

Bechtle AG has 80 system houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Its 24 e-commerce subsidiaries across 14 countries make it one of Europe’s leading IT companies. Founded in 1983, the company is headquartered in the southern German town of Neckarsulm and currently employs over 12,000 people. Bechtle provides more than 70,000 customers from the industrial, trade, financial and public sectors with a comprehensive, vendor-neutral portfolio that covers all aspects of IT infrastructure and operation. Bechtle is listed on the MDAX and TecDAX indexes, and in 2020 earned approximately 5.82 billion euros in revenue.

Bechtle France is headquartered in Illkirch-Graffenstaden. The company was founded on 6 March 2000 and is led by CEO Alain Baselga. In 2020 it achieved revenues of €113 m and employed 105 staff.

Pour de plus amples informations : bechtle.com/fr



Laure Esselin

Head of Corporate Communications – Bechtle France


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John Morelle

HPC/AI Consultant Bechtle France


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