You may have heard of him before, but for the keynote we've pulled out all the stops as Joachim De Vos will close the day with an interesting session.

Joachim De Vos is an international keynote speaker, author, business owner/director and professor specialising in foresight. Since 1995, Joachim De Vos has been chief director at Living Tomorrow, the leading international innovation platform that ponders what the future could look like with more than 5 million visitors. In 2007, he founded TomorrowLab, an innovation-focused consultancy that has so far worked with more than 600 companies on innovation, future strategies, technology and open innovations. He is a professor of Scenario Planning at Ghent University. He is the author of the book "Why Innovation Fails", in which he tells the real story of Kodak together with the inventor of the digital camera, Steven Sasson. Joachim talks about the future, how it might unfold and how you can prepare your organisation for this change. He does so with passion, vision, insight and, more importantly, practical experience in all these business and consumer insights. 




Joachim De Vos