Bechtle & HP: Sustainability

HP & Bechtle: Partners in sustainability

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Sustainable collaboration

As HP Amplify Power Services Partner, we are committed to work together with HP to create an ecosystem of accountability. 

We’ve sat down with Erik Moltzen to talk about HP’s actions and views on sustainability, and the collaboration with Bechtle in terms of sustainability. 

Erik Moltzen

Erik Moltzen

Sustainability Manager Benelux at HP

Erik, to start off: could you tell us a bit more about your role and responsibilities at HP? 

“With pleasure. I’m the Sustainability Manager for HP Benelux. My responsibilities are divided over the sales and compliance department. When talking about the sales oriented aspect, I make sure that our partners, customers and internal colleagues are all aware of the HP sustainability ambitions and also how that transpires into the products and services that we can offer to our customers and partners. Then there is the compliance part, for which I work together with a global team to make sure that we understand the European Union regulations related to sustainability and how they are translated towards the national markets of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.”

Bechtle and HP have a few similarities if we look at our sustainability strategies. We’re curious to learn more about HP sustainability strategy. 

“HP has three strategic pillars: Climate Action, Human Rights and Digital Equity. If we zoom in on that third pillar for a moment, Digital Equity, we are very much focused on accelerating digital equity for people worldwide, whether it being through the accessibility of knowledge or actual hardware, it all lies within the competency and I’m therefore seeing a lot of interesting similarities between Bechtle and HP and how we, together, can bring a sustainable offering, from the portfolio to the services, for our customers.”

HP accelerates partner sustainability programming centered on climate action, human rights and digital equity and expands Amplify Impact program to more than 40 countries to connect business impact with purpose and values. Could you briefly elaborate on this Amplify Impact program? 

“Even though we have the ambition to become the most sustainable technology company in the world, it is not something you achieve by yourself but together with your partners. That is also why we brought our Amplify Impact program to life to make sure that we educate and also learn from our partners to progress forward in our sustainability knowledge and initiatives.”

You are often present at the HP office in Amstelveen. Is it also locally a hot topic? 

“For sure! We have our own breeam certificate for internal sustainability of the building itself. This is something that we transpire down to the local level, to become as sustainable as possible, in order to achieve our global target.”

How does HP make it tangible for their customers? 

“Within the HP product and service portfolio, first of all, we try to make it tangible ourselves by going through a design for circularity principle, so that's something we take on our own side. But on the side of taking it to the customer, within the design for circularity principle, we start within the before use case. In that case we are talking about the mode of transportation, so our customers can for example choose ocean shipping instead of air shipping or bulk packaging instead of usual packaging. In the use case, our customers can buy their laptops outright, or they can use them in a leasing model. They can also opt for the sustainable device-as-a-service portfolio, which is very well combined with our proactive inside, giving our customers the individual user experience of the capacity of the computer versus the actual capacity needed by the individual user. At the end of the usage phase, we also offer our customers our cashback programme, where customers can return their old HP devices for a financial refund, but also if they buy new HP hardware, they can apply for a refund for non-HP devices. The same also applies to our recycling services that we offer free of charge to our customers, again for all devices so not just HP, so they can buy new HP hardware. All this brings us to our sustainable services portfolio, which we also like to include in our design for circularity principle to our customers.”

In what ways do you think that our partnership will have a positive impact on our customers, especially from an IT perspective? 

With our partnership between Bechtle and HP, we can offer our customer the global sustainability strategies and ambitions. We can ensure that from an IT perspective, we can offer the most sustainability-oriented portfolio and services towards our customers to help them achieve their sustainable goals.”

Bechtle Sustainability Strategy 2030

Bechtle’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy outlines our targeted ecological, economic, and social goals. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it encompasses four key areas crucial for Bechtle. Each area is supported by a comprehensive program with defined goals, milestones, and operational measures. 

Ethical business practices.
Our vision – Ethical business practices are a matter of course.

The following SDGs apply to our actions for ethical business practices:


Our vision – We embrace a sustainable environmental approach in everything we do.

The following SDGs apply to our actions for the environment:



Our vision – The people we work with drive our success.

The following SDGs apply to our actions for people:


Digital future.
Our vision – We shape a sustainable digital future.

The following SDG applies to our actions for a digital future: