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                      The new requirements of virtualised infrastructure

                      Virtualisation doesn’t just affect your IT infrastructure, it also turns all the related processes upside down, from planning, procurement and installation to monitoring and management. For instance, your purchasers now have to pay even more attention to the fine print to guarantee that hardware and software meet very specific requirements. Not only do they want to maximise the use of existing resources, they must also ensure the data centre is able to handle the load increase resulting from this centralisation of services. Another vital consideration are all the new tools required to monitor new structures and processes—as reliability is of the utmost importance. Leading providers such as VMware and Microsoft offer suitable solutions to support your evolving needs.


                      Analysis, workload balancing and capacity planning

                      Platforms such as VMware vSphere aim to maximise the reliability and performance of your infrastructure and all the applications it provisions. They’ve thought of everything, including operations management. You can monitor your system status round the clock to identify potential bottlenecks well in advance, allowing you to balance workloads more efficiently, provided the necessary capacity is available. If capacity is low or performance slides, alerts inform you before it’s too late. The platform also assists you in visualising performance trends and projecting capacity requirements to plan for the necessary resources, so you can avoid both bottlenecks and expensive oversizing.


                      Veeam and SolarWinds to monitor performance in virtual environments

                      In addition to software by market leader VMware, our Bechtle online shop carries solutions by several other providers. Veeam ONE is a monitoring, reporting and capacity planning tool to guarantee maximum reliability, while SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer focuses on eliminating database issues in general. No matter which solution in our online shop catches your eye, our product managers will be happy to advise you.