IBM Turbonomic.

Application Resource Management (ARM) with IBM Turbonomic.

Optimise your performance thanks to intelligent resource management.

Companies are increasingly confronted with complex applications and a strongly fluctuating demand for resources. Often, application resources are made available statically with a focus on peak loads, which, however, leads to a waste of resources with corresponding cost consequences outside of peak times. Therefore, the widespread "over-provisioning" is not a sustainable method for risk reduction, neither from an economic nor an ecological perspective.

With IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM), you can proactively enable the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources for your applications at every level of the stack. Continuously, in real time and without human intervention.

Deliver the best customer experience.

Deliver an exceptional digital and mobile customer experience anywhere, anytime through always-on apps with industry-leading SLOs to attract and retain customers.

Accelerate the pace of innovation.

Create competitive advantage by shifting more resources to innovation projects through automation and enabling faster application development and deployment.

Improve operational leverage.

Achieve operational excellence by reaching targeted service levels while reducing operational and investment costs. 

Your advantages with IBM Turbonomics.

Dynamic resource management not only monitors the IT infrastructure, it also makes AI-based recommendations for improvement and implements them. Thanks to the intelligent and automated placement/optimisation of workloads, IT departments can thus save up to 50% of their costs across all levels:

Reduce licensing costs.
Minimise electricity and cloud costs (pay per use).

Avoid additional hardware purchases thanks to cluster aggregation/optimisation.

Reduce the time required to manage complex IT environments.
What if your applications could make your IT greener?

We are all striving to reduce environmental impacts in order to at least begin to slow down the omnipresent climate change. However, sustainable IT strategies and investments require a lot of time & resources to achieve the desired results.

With IBM Turbonomic, there is no need to compromise between carbon neutrality and application performance. When applications consume only what they effectively need to perform, you can lower costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint immediately and continuously.

Conclusion on IBM Turbonomic.

IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) uses intelligent automation to increase efficiency, scale workloads, reduce resource waste, and provides comprehensive visualisation. You too can benefit from this!

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Want to know more about IBM Turbonomic? Contact our specialist.


Nico Sannen

Contact our Solution Advisor Datacenter

Want to know more about IBM Turbonomic? Contact our specialist.

Nico Sannen

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