Testimonial: Michèle Cordiez

What it’s like working at Bechtle? Who better to ask than our own colleagues? This time, we popped in to see Michèle Cordiez to chat to her about her experience at Bechtle.


Who is Michèle?

‘I’m Michèle and I turned 50 this year. I originally come from Diest but I ended up moving to Limburg for love. My husband Peter and I have two fur babies: our dogs Zyon and Zentah. At Bechtle, I’m responsible for the Back Office. I take care of all administrative matters relating to our customers, such as invoicing, closing Return merchandise authorizations (RMA), booking incentives, etc. In fact, everything that could increase the account managers’ invoiced margin.’

Michele Cordiez
You’ve been part of the Bechtle group for a considerable number of years now. How has your career evolved over the years?

‘I joined the company on 1 March 2013 as an account manager. After consulting with the sales manager I was working with at the time, it soon transpired that the position of account manager wasn’t really for me. At the time, they were still looking for someone to do administrative duties and, on the recommendation of a colleague, I ended up in that job. In the beginning, I mainly entered distributors’ invoices and made calls relating to accounts receivable management. My job has now evolved, and I am mainly concerned with invoicing. I have now been responsible for the Back Office for almost nine years.’

Do you think tasks such as invoicing and closing RMAs are the best thing about your job?

‘Yes, I feel right at home here. There is nothing about my job that I don’t like. The variety and the complex questions I get from account managers are what I like the most. At times, I really have to search for the root of a problem, which means that I constantly encounter different situations. Every day is different and that’s what gives me energy.’

How has Bechtle changed over the years?

‘Bechtle Belgium has evolved considerably. For instance, the health of its employees has become a more important matter. The office has ergonomic chairs and adjustable tables, and there are also activities such as yoga. Bechtle cares about its employees and their mental health. This was less so in the past, but Bechtle Belgium used to be smaller so it is almost impossible to make a comparison. Our company has become much bigger, and a considerable number of new colleagues have joined us.

I started at Bechtle at its premises on Heerstraat, which was much smaller than the building we are in now. It was an open-plan area, which meant greater disturbance from people who were constantly having to make calls. Now, you sit with your own department and therefore have a calmer space to work in. However, this does mean that there is less contact with other departments. When a new colleague joins a team on the top floor, I am less likely to form a close relationship with them, simply because you see each other less often.

Our premises on Heerstraat really did become too small, however, as more and more new colleagues joined, so it’s great that we’ve now moved here. Our large office building accommodates how Bechtle has evolved – and is still evolving – as a company.’


Have you noticed it getting busier in the Back Office because of the company’s growth? 

‘Absolutely! I now work with many more account managers than in the past. As a result, some of my tasks have been transferred to the accounts receivable team and they now take care of the accounts receivable management for all Belgian entities. Nowadays, I’m only responsible for the invoicing of Bechtle direct and I have my hands full just with that alone.’


You have obviously developed along with Bechtle. Do you feel that you are still given opportunities to grow?

‘Bechtle offers its employees plenty of opportunities to grow. I like the job that I do and always want to develop further in it, but I don’t feel the need to progress on to something new. I really enjoy coming to work every day but as soon as that stops, I’m sure certain adjustments will be made. If I’m given extra tasks, I will take them on, but I don’t feel the need to advance to a new position.’


What does your future at Bechtle look like?

‘I wouldn’t mind if it continues as it is until I retire. Of course, I’m always open to learning new skills, but I won’t be going in search of new things myself and that is also fine at Bechtle. I am happy with my current job and what it entails, and that is respected at Bechtle. I feel right at home here and I never want to leave.’


What do you enjoy most about working at Bechtle?

‘The atmosphere among colleagues. We have drinks after work every Friday evening and it’s always really enjoyable. In addition, we often have partners visiting our premises and that usually involves some snacks and drinks. The staff association regularly organises fun events for the employees. They make use of the Summer Bar in our garden – a tent that is perfect for our many after work drinks and fun staff parties. The tent is also used for meetings. It makes a great addition to our office building!’



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Last but not least: what makes Bechtle unique for you?

'Bechtle is everywhere. We have many international colleagues that I am in regular contact with and I really enjoy that. It also enables me to keep up my French and English skills. Although I have a lot of colleagues close by in Pelt, it is nice to know that I have many more, spread out across Europe. Everyone is always happy to hear from you, and you can have a lovely chat with everyone.'