Testimonial: Sanne Claes

Bechtle's sales team focuses on three markets: Midmarket, Corporate, and SMB. We invited Sanne Claes, member of the Midmarket team, to chat about her experience of working at Bechtle.


While we wait for your tea to brew, tell me: who is Sanne?

I’m Sanne Claes, 32, and mum of three young children: two girls and a boy. There’s never a dull day at our house! At Bechtle, I’m an account manager and work in the Midmarket sales team. I take care of my own portfolio of medium-sized clients, plus a handful of larger and smaller clients. I also manage IT projects and orders from start to finish.

Sanne Claes
How would you describe a normal day at work?

No two days are the same at the sales department. One day I’ll be out and about seeing customers; the next I’ll be at the office e-mailing or calling customers. I often start the day sorting out my inbox and processing any requests for proposals or projects. I also get help from the Sales Support team, who take care of order processing and some administrative tasks. Thanks to that bit of teamwork, I have enough time for customer relationship management.


How did you join Bechtle?

By accident! I studied legal practice and real estate, and I also worked in that sector for a while. At some point, I decided to make a career switch and enjoyed a stint in customer service. After a brief foray in the legal sector, I realised that it wasn’t for me. Bechtle got in touch with me at just the wrong time: when I was heavily pregnant, so I didn’t want to commit to anything. After my pregnancy, I contacted Bieke (from HR) and was invited to attend an interview. Within a week, I’d signed my contract!


How long ago was that? In other words, how long have you been working at Bechtle?

I started on 7 January 2019 – the same day as Jasper. In 2024, Jasper and I celebrated our fifth work anniversary! The first six months of that year were largely spent ‘hunting’, to build our own client portfolio.


You moved from the legal side of real estate to a job in IT, a completely different field. Was it easy for you to acquire that IT knowledge?

I did a lot of training to get to where I am now. I’m not the most technically minded person; my strength is customer contact, reaching out, and establishing what they need. After that, I know which person I need to involve in the conversation. And if needed, I’ll promptly ask our technical team to join.


Looking back over these past five years, what achievements are you proud of?

Lubrizol, one of my first hunts, is still a good customer of mine to this day and often attend the events we organise. These events are an ideal opportunity to get to know customers in a different way.


Speaking of teamwork, we’ve already seen in you action as a member of Bechtle’s padel team. What do you think of that initiative?

I’ve played tennis in the past, so I thought it would be fun to join Bechtle’s padel team. I think the team appreciates their new member! Playing sports is the best way for me to relax after a busy working day – and as a busy mother!


Aside from work, what aspects of Bechtle appeal to you? What makes Bechtle unique?

As a member of the staff association, I provide input for and help to organise after-work drinks, outings, and parties. In addition, I’ve built a good relationship with a lot of colleagues. I also get to work close to home, which is a godsend if you’re a mother of three like me!


That was a nice trip down memory lane... Now let’s look to the future. What other things would you like to achieve? How do you think your future will evolve? Or do you think this is as good as it gets?

No, definitely not! I might grow into a key account role as a sales representative, as getting involved in projects really energises me. I’m pretty sure this will require a few additions to my current client portfolio.