The future is in the cloud.

Big data, mobile traffic, the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming services and other forward-looking technologies all generate huge amounts of data. Global data volumes are increasing by around 30% every year. As an organisation, are you wondering how to handle, manage and process this flow of data?

A new type of infrastructure is needed, one that is agile and flexible so that it can adapt to new demands. This is where cloud computing comes in. Many organisations have recognised the new reality and have already moved to the cloud. Of course, security is a top priority. Are you hesitant to move sensitive company data to cloud data centres? Many cloud providers tackle these concerns and offer storage solutions across Europe. 

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Enterprise flexibility at the touch of a button 

As an organisation, you can save significantly on investment costs by buying software as a service or moving specific workloads to the cloud. Expand your infrastructure at the push of a button and respond faster and more flexibly to changes in the market or your business needs. 

Cloud benefits

  • Flexible and agile IT
  • No investment costs
  • High availability
  • Scalable infrastructure for different workloads
  • Faster and more efficient deployment of resources
  • Less time spent on management, more time for innovation
  • Easy installation of development and test environments
  • Launch new products or services faster
  • Cutting-edge hardware, middleware and software
  • Quicker and more efficient resource deployment through software overview of entire network environment
  • Easy setup of development and testing environments
  • Demilitarised zones  (DMZ) can be stored in the cloud
  • Fast disaster recovery
  • Greater business innovation through new cloud services

Which cloud model suits your organisation best?  

We understand that it is difficult to make a start when you want to move to the cloud. That's where we can help you. The benefits of cloud migration for your organisation become clear after a comprehensive analysis of your needs and requirements, combined with your business objectives. 
That's why at Bechtle we offer a broad portfolio of cloud solutions: from our partners, but also our own cloud services. Which cloud solution will you choose? 
Bechtle experts will gladly advise you in finding the right solution for your organisation and guide you in adopting the cloud. Visit our cloud portal Bechtle Clouds for a wide range of services and products in the field of public cloud and private cloud.


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