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Artificial intelligence is revolutionising many industries and our everyday lives. Companies can leverage AI solutions not only to optimise their own processes and boost revenues thanks to advanced data analytics, but also extend the value chain and offer additional services with their products. This makes AI a cornerstone of economic digitalisation. A study carried out by the Federal Ministry of Economy predicts that Germany’s manufacturing industry alone will generate €30 billion in added value by 2023 with AI.

The technology and everyday life of today and especially into the future will be characterised by intelligently optimised software and AI models. This opens the door to many new opportunities, but also new challenges as up until now, only 15% of German SMEs are making use of AI technology.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can hep you and your business become even more successful and those companies that are already leveraging AI technologies can quickly achieve better results in a range of areas. Leverage artificial intelligence and equip your business for the future—we’ll help you along the way.

The benefits of AI at a glance:

Optimise and automate existing corporate processes.

Automatically extract the best information from large volumes of data.

Minimise errors thanks to defined logic.

Achieve time and cost savings thanks to artificial intelligence.

People, computers and robots can equally benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Companies that make the switch to AI now and integrate profitable solutions can benefit from having a competitive edge in the long term.

AI and Bechtle – Use cases for artificial intelligence.

The number of ways AI can be used in companies is practically limitless. Together with our development partners, we quickly breathe life into your ideas on the subject of artificial intelligence with an unbelievable number of possibilities for creating solutions. Actively processing information extracted from images, video, sound and text is just the beginning.


AI use cases and examples:

  • Consumer – Recommendations, ad targeting
  • Retail – Forecasting, optimising pricing and promos, credit card fraud
  • Healthcare – Genomic medicine, EMR analysis, predictive care
  • Producer: Predictive maintenance, process optimisation.
Creative AI showcased in futuristic Cube on German Unity Day.

Artificial intelligence is brimming with creative energy—visitors to Baden-Württemberg’s Cube can tell. Part of the German Unity Day 30th anniversary celebrations, the digital art installation Grenzauflösung (roughly, dissolving borders) located in the heart of Potsdam feeds visitors’ imagination as it blurs the lines between reality and art.


Our services – AI solutions for your business.

We are by your side from the first seed of an idea right the way through to coding your AI solution. Depending on your individual use case, our services range from intelligent infrastructure solutions with leading vendors NVIDIA and DELL complemented by leading AI service providers with many years’ experience in coding, all the way to fast, turnkey modular solutions. Just get in touch. We’re happy to advise of how you could leverage AI in your business.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

The short answer is, AI refers to teaching machines logic. AI is an umbrella term for all applications designed to teach machines things like problem solving or self-learn. As soon as a machine can simulate intelligent behaviour, this is called AI because after all, an intelligent system can only be as clever as the data base and algorithms allow it to be. AI’s strength doesn’t lie in being able to simulate human intelligence, but in being able to automatically detect patterns—something that used to be easier for humans than computers, but AI technology is now changing the game. 

The art of AI and machine learning is not only to teach machines rigid if-then operations, but to create a certain ability to abstract, work and learn independently with as little human intervention as possible. Most of today’s systems can only work in a supporting role while others are already able to function largely by themselves. 

In research and technical theory, there are four types of AI. Reactive algorithms that can, for example, respond to different situations, but do not have a memory. Type two are systems with limited memory that infer decisions on historical information This kind of intelligent software is being used today. The third type of artificial intelligence is the theory of mind or algorithms that develop empathy and understand that a person’s interests and desires have an impact on decision making. The fourth and last type is self-aware AI and these last two types are still to come. 

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Machine learning and deep learning.

Training machines and algorithms has little to do with intelligence as we know it in humans. It is much more about teaching an algorithm to detect certain patterns in large volumes of data with the aim of further developing them without the need for programming to reap the biggest benefits. Machine learning and deep learning are mostly about training a “model” to be specialised in something such as image recognition or data correlation.

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Our service for your AI solution.

Maybe you already have an idea where and how you’d like to leverage artificial intelligence in your company, or how AI could help overcome specific challenges. Speak to us! We are happy to offer support and show you the solutions that best suit your needs. Just get in touch! 

Intelligence On Demand – Why AI is the driving force behind digitalisation.

There are so many questions around the subject of digitalisation, but perhaps one of the most crucial of these is can the digital transformation really deliver?


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A dash of AI – Breaking up structures in your business!

AI isn’t a product. It’s a process that breaks down structures. Germany is well-known for durable and reliable products that are characteristic of the “Made in Germany” brand. AI is shaking things up by making it possible to compensate for and predict product weaknesses and thus become competitive. In mechanical engineering, predictive maintenance is used to monitor machines that are perfectly suited for the job but may be unreliable and exactly predict outages. This increases competitiveness while keeping development and manufacturing costs to a minimum. Moreover, AI systems are getting a foothold in Industry 4.0 and will play an important role in the future automation of work which will bring with it a wide range of opportunities. New technologies are a worthwhile investment. Get in touch with us today to discover the benefits of an AI strategy and develop solutions!

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