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With servers and storage, less can be more.

Many companies are unsure whether their IT infrastructure is really right-sized. Resources may be underutilised most of the time, they reason, but excess capacity could come in handy during peak periods. So what choice do they have?


Most business processes today depend heavily on technology such as servers and storage. IT departments therefore grapple with complex considerations:

  • How do you ensure your data center is both reliable and highly available?
  • How can you achieve just the right level of performance?
  • How can you leverage energy-efficient infrastructure to lower energy costs?
  • How can you ensure you’re properly equipped to accommodate growth and technological advances?

Questions about servers and storage?

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Nico Sannen


Nico Sannen

Solution Advisor Server and Storage



Wesley Wienen


Wesley Wienen

Solution Advisor Server and Storage




Marco Cafaro

Solution Advisor Server & Storage





The data center of the future is a virtualised, software-controlled hub delivering countless benefits.


By leveraging cutting-edge hardware technology, hyper-converged solutions are ideally prepared for dynamic business environments.