Modern Endpoint Management Assessment

The route to simpler and more secure management of your devices.

Applying Modern Endpoint Management brings not only time savings, it also brings simpler and more secure device management. But how do you decide which solution is the correct one for your company's situation? Which solution handles the management of the devices and company data on those devices securely? With Bechtle as your partner, you no longer face the choice alone. Through the Modern Endpoint Management Assessment, we map out the route to unburden you.


Modern Endpoint Management Assessment.

In the world of device management, the possibilities are endless. What you need in your selection process is a roadmap to avoid getting lost in those possibilities. Bechtles Modern Endpoint Management Assessment offers the solution. The assessment aims to guide you as an IT professional to the appropriate solution for your company or organisation. Naturally, this advice is tailor-made because your organisation is unique.

Brand-independent, 100% unique and appropriate advice.

In the route to a solution that suits your organisation, our expert looks at:

  • End-user personas working within your company (desk employees, representatives on the road, ...);
  • existing (security) systems;
  • types of devices used.

The comprehensive analysis forms the basis of the Modern Endpoint Management report. The starting point is always to support your IT team with a 100% suitable Modern Endpoint Management configuration. This ensures not only the management of a diversity of devices, but also the protection and security of the sensitive company data stored on them.


The Bechtle Modern Endpoint Management Assessment.


To find out which Modern Endpoint Management solution suits you best, we developed an assessment. 

A Modern Endpoint Management solution ensures easy and secure management of devices. This brings several benefits: 

  • easy management of multiple devices and operating systems;
  • devices are delivered to the customer ready to use (zero touch deployment);
  • taking into account individual requirements per user;
  • the devices are updated automatically, making them more secure in use.

On completion of the modern endpoint management assessment, you receive a working pilot setup in your own environment and a complete overview of the follow-up steps you need to take to achieve a complete and correct elaboration of your modern endpoint management environment.

What is Modern Endpoint Management?

Are you looking for a solution for simpler workplace management, but first want to know more about Modern Endpoint Management and the benefits for your organisation? Find out about Modern Endpoint Management.

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