How you can avoid cyberattacks on your endpoints

Attacks on endpoints are becoming more and more common. Securing endpoints has always been important, but nowadays, as we often work in the cloud or connect to the corporate network from outside, the importance of endpoint security has only increased. There is a wide variety of endpoints, which makes it more and more complex to secure them. Imagine millennials entering the employment market. They prefer to work on their own devices and prefer to have control over them as well. Because of this, an IT manager has to deal with unmanaged devices, which requires a different kind of security. 


For example: Your colleague Sofie has to go to Geneva for a congress, she connects her device at Zaventem airport to the open WiFi network. Via this unsecured network, hackers can infect Sofie's device. When Sofie is back at the office and connects to the internal network, the malware is activated and hackers can access the systems.


The purpose of the hackers is the same as for attacks on the network. The way the hackers enter is different. Cases like the example above require endpoint security that not only detect malware, but also provide on- and offline protection. One of the solutions for this is Endpoint Protection with Intercept X from Sophos. This AI will not only investigate the behaviour of the user, but will also interact with the intelligent firewall. Between these two actors the status of the endpoint will be communicated and in case of a threat both sides can intervene.


For example: The AI notices possible malicious software running on an endpoint in the background. Endpoint security will immediately intervene and try to block this software or fix it if necessary. At the same time, the firewall will be notified and will isolate the endpoint from the rest of the network.



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