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The digital transformation in full swing

Today’s way of working is a world apart from how we did things a few years ago. The transformation was already underway, triggered by a new generation of employees and customers, and the pandemic accelerated those developments both in and beyond the workplace. Companies were suddenly faced with the challenge of enabling employees to work from home as quickly as possible. Orders were placed for laptops, screens and IT accessories in the blink of an eye.

Many organisations quickly discovered that purchasing the right IT equipment was not sufficient to ensure smooth collaboration. In addition to the right hardware, it is important for companies to have the right software as well as having the knowledge of how to optimally use it. Read in the blogpost about the collaboration tools.

The new normal

Now that we’re all so familiar with remote working, the future can only be hybrid.

Many companies are asking themselves whether their existing meeting rooms are ready for hybrid gatherings. Can colleagues working from home easily dial in and participate in the discussion with people who are physically present in the meeting room? What possibilities are there? Our IT consultants have developed an assessment for organisations like yours, so you can find out what you can optimise and what you need to ensure an efficient, hybrid way of working. At Bechtle, we work with you to find a tailored collaboration solution for home workstations and office meeting rooms. After all, no two companies are the same.



Making hybrid meetings work for you.

We are increasingly dividing our working days between our home office and the company office. Meeting isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. 
In this e-book, we share some tips to make hybrid meetings work for you.




Hybrid working.

Hybrid working is booming! But hybrid working means that you are more likely to meet with people in the office when you are at home, and vice versa. It's important that you manage hybrid meetings as efficiently as possible, because hybrid working makes meetings more challenging. Fortunately, you can work on this. In this e-book, we will help you on your way with some tips.  


The Bechtle Collaboration solution.

At Bechtle, we work with you to find a solution for home workstations and office meeting rooms that’s right for your business. After all, no two companies are the same. 

The first step to finding the right solution is completing a questionnaire. Our workplace experts Tomas Kreemers and Yenthe Meeus will then use your answers to carry out the Collaboration Assessment on site at your company. 

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