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Digitalisation is hot in IT, everything is moving to the Cloud, including sensitive data. In the past, people secured a network via a connection to the Internet with a firewall. Nowadays, with all the work done from home and the options to work from wherever you want, everyone needs constant access to the company network. Therefore, a simple firewall is no longer sufficient to secure your cloud.

As an IT manager, you know that external and internal threats are increasing every day. Because of these attacks, IT security is getting more and more attention and investments are increasing. An answer to the question: "How can I secure my cloud and network?", is ZTNA.  ZTNA bases its security control on four perimeters:

  • Identity-based access;
  • Secure access to files and applications;
  • Continuous evaluation of the user and his access throughout the day;
  • Strong access control.

If your organisation is in the process of digitalisation, you should not forget to invest in modern security as well. As the name suggests, ZTNA does not trust anything or anyone, not a single person, device or application in your enterprise network. Because of this fundamental idea, the security is so strong. You can only enter the network with the proper authentication and authorisation. The zero trust architecture has changed the traditional access control mechanism into an adaptive trusted identity-based access control.

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