The Bechtle Computing portfolio.

The right hardware for efficient workflows

Different types of work require different types of computers. Thin clients, all-in-one PCs and plain-vanilla PCs are sufficient for less demanding applications such as word processors, e-mail programs and web browsers. Standard computers are perfectly suited for routine bookkeeping and office tasks. But as soon as sophisticated simulations, 3D models or video editing come into play, you’ll need more memory in addition to better graphics and computing power. In this case, top-of-the-line PCs and custom-built workstations are ideal for ensuring efficient workflows all the time. Retailers and restaurant owners will also find the high-quality POS systems they need in our Bechtle online shop. Because computing is never a one-size-fits-all scenario.


Save money with the right computers

Selecting suitable products for your company can lower your costs in the long run. Professional workstations and lightning fast computers will allow your employees to complete elaborate work processes efficiently. Choose a model that meets your needs and has the features you require. On the other hand, if you have a large staff and standardised, simple workflows, you can save money and energy by using thin clients, which are usually more energy-efficient and less expensive to purchase than PCs. Publishing houses, for instance, often use these server-based computers.


Order computers, accessories and replacement parts online

Check out our Bechtle online shop for an extensive selection of computers. You’ll find a variety of PCs, along with all the accessories you need for your company’s requirements. In addition, you can conveniently order premium replacement parts such as drives, fans or hard disks online. Our product managers will be happy to provide in-depth advice. And once you’ve made your selection, we’ll help keep your hardware in working order by offering extensive warranties and services—including multi-year extensions—from various manufacturers.