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Companies that have their storage media recycled or disposed of have to ensure that data is properly wiped. If a competitor gets hold of sensitive business data, the consequences could be far-reaching.


If they carry any personal data, it is a legal requirement to have them erased and reliable procedures and tools are needed to make sure this is irrevocable. It’s also necessary to have evidence of such in the form of a log.


Bechtle has risen to these challenges and offers customers maximum data security and certified data erasure. This is the only way to ensure that important business data does not fall into the wrong hands later on.




Secure facility surveillance.

Data erasure only takes place in Bechtle’s purpose built high-surveillance facilities. Both the warehouses and adjoining offices are secured with double motion sensors, while all doors are equipped with magnetic proximity switches and infra-red light barriers, and cameras are used to monitor everywhere from the outside of the company premises to inside the corridors and halls. Every movement—no matter how small—is recorded, meaning that nothing escapes our security system.




Secure data erasure.

All storage media is overwritten 7 times using the German "VISTR" method and all software tools currently available on the market. Data is wiped as per the customer instructions and recorded in the service agreement.


Best of all:

The wipe method is contained in a barcode printed on the device label. This barcode must be scanned before the data is erased to ensure that the employee knows exactly how the device should be handled.




Secure hardware.

All storage media [KR1] is subject to a visual assessment before the data is erased with any damage recorded in a database. This means that even after the data is erased there is still a record of any damage which could be relevant for later use.


A KOK label is automatically printed and affixed to the device after the data has been erased. This label includes the asset number and hardware information and makes it easy to identify storage media which has already been wiped.

If a hard disk is defective, it is dismantled in the data erasure facilities or disposed of directly.




Secure data erasure process.

Once hardware information has been exported and data wiped, the log files are sent automatically to the database and recorded with the appropriate asset number, making it possible to determine exactly when a particular device was wiped.


Best of all:

All storage media still in slots, or even in notebook bags etc., are also disposed of in a specifically-designed container.

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Ever shorter product lifecycles mean that IT hardware often has to be replaced at an early stage. Protect your budget and the environment with Bechtle Remarketing.