Bechtle Remarketing – Lifecycle-Concept.

The lifecycles of hardware in companies are becoming shorter and shorter. Constantly increasing demands require notebooks, servers, monitors or desktops to be replaced, even though they still function perfectly well, meaning that IT costs can sky-rocket, along with the admin workload.


Bechtle Remarketing ensures used hardware is recycled and reused or professionally disposed of as required, not only protecting the environment, but your budget as well.


Objectives of the Bechtle Remarketing lifecycle concept:

  • Re-use as a functional device
  • Re-use as functional components
  • Recycling of raw materials (e.g. plastics and metals)
  • Professional disposal in compliance with applicable regulations


Bechtle – leave it to us.

Bechtle manages the disposal, data erasure and remarketing of hardware. On request, we provide trolleys or boxes with which the old hardware can be transported safely to Bechtle’s Remarketing Centre. The hardware is taken to high-surveillance facilities, where the devices are identified and provided with a label and a serial number, so that we know where each piece of hardware is located and whether it has already been disposed of or recycled.


Technical and visual assessments are then carried out by specially trained and vetted employees, who inspect and test every device multiple times, before creating a test report and a diagnostic file in which configuration and performance parameters are recorded. Only flawless hardware is remarketed.



Maximum security in the remarketing process.

Bechtle Remarketing has its own data processing system in which all recycling steps are recorded. This tool features open interfaces to other systems and is internet-ready, thus meeting tender requirements for public sector clients. Using device/serial numbers, it tracks all process steps from the creation of a project and coordination of its logistics to data wipes and the resale of devices throughout the world.


Best of all:

The entire remarketing process is transparent and trackable for the customer and ensures maximum security at all times.

Questions about Bechtle Remarketing?

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When storage media is remarketed or disposed of, it must first be properly wiped. Here you can find out which security measures Bechtle takes during this process.