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Manufacturer no.: M_APT_A

Bechtle no.: 4267379

Segment: Corporate, Duration: 12 month(s), Product language: German Germany, English United States, Operating system: Mac OS, Windows, Type: Licence, perpetual

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Tamper-proof document storage.

The trend towards digitalising business processes shows no signs of abating. Having acknowledged this new reality, lawmakers now require even digital documents to be stored in tamper-proof archives. The right document and data archiving software makes it easy to comply with your legal obligations. These state-of-the-art solutions enable your employees to conveniently retrieve customer documents, correspondence and invoices from any storage location.


Digital archiving to streamline document access.

Tamper-proofing your customer documents isn’t the only argument for investing in premium archiving software. You’ll also be able to declutter your filing cabinets—and you won’t have to rifle endlessly through folders to find the one you need. Support your employees by giving them faster access to documents through software-supported data management featuring extensive search options. Your business will benefit from better efficiency and round-the-clock accessibility to important files. And even if your data, documents and information aren’t stored centrally, any staff with the appropriate access rights will be able retrieve them anytime, since they’ll no longer be bound to a physical filing cabinet.


Advanced software solutions at

Our online shop offers the latest software solutions by well-known names in archiving. Veritas Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector, for instance, tracks, records and classifies electronic information regardless of its storage location. Special programs such as Accelerator, also by Veritas, are designed specifically to help you search for documents. Take advantage of our product managers’ expertise to discover which archiving solutions best meet your needs. Our online shop offers a broad range of specialised programs to digitally archive key documents and information.