IT Infrastructure Spare Parts

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                • Dell 2.5" HDD/SSD Tray Caddy
                  Dell 2.5" HDD/SSD Tray Caddy
                  Country variant: Europe
                  Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-month bring-in (see manufacturer's website for details)
                  Product type: Enclosure
                  Bechtle no.: 200234520 Manufacturer no.: DXD9H
                  Kč 504.00

                  Gross price: Kč 609.84 incl. Kč 105.84 VAT

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                • Dell 600GB SAS HDD
                  Dell 600GB SAS HDD
                  Country variant: Europe
                  Capacity: 600 GB
                  Application: Enterprise
                  Interface: SAS 12 Gb/s 8.9 cm (3.5")
                  Bechtle no.: 2890727 Manufacturer no.: 400-AJSC
                  Kč 4,556.00

                  Gross price: Kč 5,512.76 incl. Kč 956.76 VAT

                Hard drive replacement parts

                Although hard drives are generally quite reliable, nothing lasts forever. They have to be replaced every ten years on average, and built-in HDDs can fail after just five. SSDs also last only about ten years. Regular backups are therefore a good way to doubly secure your data. When your storage modules do reach the end of their life, it’s important to replace them quickly to ensure your network continues to operate smoothly. Our online shop carries professional solutions for any situation.


                Circuit boards to keep the electricity flowing

                Circuit boards are what enable PCs and servers to function in the first place. They contain electronic components and are built into virtually all electronic devices. A computer’s primary circuit board is known as the mainboard, or motherboard, and features mounted processor sockets, interfaces and expansion slots, such as graphics and network cards. If this circuit board breaks, the electronic device stops functioning properly. This same principle holds true for PCs and servers—and if the circuit board happens to be the motherboard, replacing it quickly becomes a top priority. Find the right replacement product today among our replacement parts for IT infrastructure.


                A functioning network thanks to suitable replacement parts

                Electronic devices can break down at any time, even when they’re part of a powerful IT infrastructure designed to operate round-the-clock. Unfortunately, burned out circuit boards and broken hard drives occur fairly regularly. When this happens, the defective component must be replaced quickly to keep your infrastructure running. At, we offer a large selection of replacement parts, many of which are available for immediate delivery and thus minimise downtime. In addition to hard drives and circuit boards, we also offer replacement power supplies and connectivity products.