Adobe Creative Cl
for Teams

Adobe Creative Cl
for Teams

So many benefits – Always accessible.

Everything your business needs to realise its full creative potential.


20+ creative apps

Including industry leaders such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro DC as well as newer applications like Aero und Fresco,

always updated to the latest versions.

Over 125 million

Adobe Stock* resources, including high-quality images, illustrations, videos, 3D objects and templates to get your projects off to a flying start.

Adobe stock

10 ×

Ten times the productivity thanks to shared assets and collaboration with Creative Cloud libraries.

Everything under control

The Admin Console, takes the headache out of managing your team’s Creative Cloud licences.


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Admin console 2

Over 14,000

Adobe Fonts – One inexhaustible source of inspiration in your Creative Cloud applications and web browser.

Create stunning images

Create images for social media, websites and video stories in just minutes with Adobe Spark.


Content creation is a team sport. If your campaign is going to be successful and create the right impact, everyone needs to play well together. Effective collaboration is the key to optimal performance.


Read our 5 tips for better collaboration.




With so many videos, photos and illustrations out there on the various social channels, it’s now more important than ever to carefully choose and customise images that give your social posts maximum impact.


Here are 7 basic design principles to up your social media game.


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* Adobe Stock must be purchased separately.