Modern Endpoint Management Assessment

Would you like easier and safer management of your devices?

Does your organisation use multiple operating systems? Or do you employ many different types of staff, such as desk staff, hybrid staff or sales representatives who are always on the road? That is quite difficult in terms of device management. Fortunately, we at Bechtle can offer you a helping hand.

Modern Endpoint Management

An important task for you as an IT employee is both managing a variety of devices and protecting as well as securing

the sensitive company data on them. The employees in your organisation use these devices for a multitude of reasons, such as receiving and sending e-mails via personal accounts, surfing websites from home and installing apps on their devices. As an administrator, your goal is to protect these devices as best as possible and keep them up to date, while employees can use them without any problems or delays.

We can reduce your workload with our Modern Endpoint Management solution.

Protect company- sensitive information on all devices

This solution ensures that your devices meet your organisation's security and management requirements, so you have peace of mind when granting end users access to work data from their mobile phones or laptops. With this solution, we can ensure that only authorised persons and devices can access company-sensitive data.

The Bechtle Modern Endpoint Management solution: the assessment

To find out which Modern Endpoint Management solution is best for you, we have developed an assessment.
We can reduce your workload with our Modern Endpoint Management solution. In doing so, we ensure that the management of the devices is simplified. This brings several advantages:

  • Easy management of multiple devices and operating systems
  • Devices are delivered to the customer ready to use (zero touch deployment) 
  • The individual requirements of each user are taken into account
  • The devices are updated automatically, which also makes them safer to use
What is Modern Endpoint Management?

Do you want to make workplace management easier? Then a Modern Endpoint Management solution might be right for your organisation. Download the e-book to learn all about MEM.  


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