What if ... ?

What if an employee loses a device? What happens if an employee leaves the department? What if employees need to upgrade? Or what if an employee's device is stolen? These are all situations that IT managers may face in terms of device management. In many organisations, this still represents a disproportionate amount of work time. In addition to managing individual devices, it is important to capture and secure sensitive company information. If a device can no longer be found or if it cannot be locked remotely, access to it must at least be blocked. It should not matter whether the data is stored locally, in the cloud or accessible via a connection to the company's own physical servers.

Modern Endpoint Management to the rescue

So how can desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices be deployed and managed more cheaply, quickly and efficiently? Modern Endpoint Management (MEM) allows all employee devices to be managed from a single location, making IT managers' jobs easier. It allows organisations to monitor, manage and secure all employee devices to ensure device performance and security. This is a great solution for IT managers to centrally manage all devices without relying on multiple systems. 

Want to know more about Modern Endpoint Management and the benefits it brings? Take a look at our page and find out how you can relieve your IT managers with MEM.  

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