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    HDD Discard Service Pack for certified/approved Fujitsu LIFEBOOKs (Service Offering Group MB3). This HDD Discard Service Pack is valid for the duration of the basic warranty or additionally acquired service products. Service provided in the country of purchase. Service Pack must be activated online within 30 days of purchase. Activation is no longer possible after this 30-day period. The following information is required for activation: - Activation key - Serial/ID number of the relevant hardware - Hardware location - Customer details To safeguard your data, the HDD Discard Service Pack allows you to retain your defective HDD when you receive a replacement disk. Keep Your Drive For the following Fujitsu notebooks: - LIFEBOOK S936 - LIFEBOOK S937 - LIFEBOOK T936 - LIFEBOOK T937 - LIFEBOOK U904 - LIFEBOOK U937

    Fujitsu HDD Discard NB Support

    Product typeWarranty option
    Included serviceHDD retention
    Compatible devicesFujitsu LIFEBOOK U9310
    Registration period30 days after purchasing support