The IT Directorate with its 60 employees is responsible for rolling out the IT services throughout the hospital. Up to this point, users have connected to their digital services via the network using fat clients, which has sometimes led to very long login times. In this context, the network was faced with a major challenge in 2019 when the Bürgerspital Solothurn moved into a new building. On an area of twelve football fields, distributed over eight floors, the users should have access to their digital services at all times.

La solution.

Very quickly, the vision of "One Desktop follows the User around the Campus" was born in the infrastructure, according to the SIMPLE, FAST and SECURE method. It was clear to the hospital association that it needed a fast infrastructure of virtual desktops (VDI) solution with corresponding endpoints. Via an Internet search, IGEL and its IGEL OS came into view and the Solothurner Spitäler AG decided to take a closer look at the offer.

After visiting IGEL, it quickly became clear to the association that it wanted to do a proof of concept with this product. And today, in 2022, it has a new building in operation with over 500 IGEL clients on which users can connect quickly, securely and simply.

Another advantage, in addition to the cost-effective endpoints, is that the IGEL clients can be managed, configured and administered via a central management console. This makes it possible to reconfigure all 500 IGEL clients in the entire hospital within just 10 minutes.

 We would rely on IGEL's solution again at any time, as we can count on their support and assistance even after moving into the new building and in further projects. 

Employee of Solothurner Spitäler AG


For Solothurner Spitäler AG, it is clear today that the solution with the VDI and IGEL endpoints will also be rolled out further at Bürgerspital Solothurn, Kantonspital Olten, Psychiatric Service Langendorf and Dornach Hospital.