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Réf. constructeur : SE-1N-VSAN-1M-21 Version: Européen

Réf. Bechtle : 107394362

Architecture: 32/64 bits, Durée: 1 année(s), Langue du produit: Anglais, Système d''exploitation : Windows, Segment: Corporate


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Réf. constructeur : EE-1N-VSAN-1M-21 Version: Européen

Réf. Bechtle : 107394360

Architecture: 32/64 bits, Durée: 1 année(s), Langue du produit: Anglais, Système d''exploitation : Windows, Segment: Corporate


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With SANsymphony from DataCore, you can centrally and automatically manage the storage and provisioning of your data in SAN or HCI environments. The storage virtualisation technology is based on a variety of data services and offers you ultimate flexibility in both storing and protecting your data.

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With DataCore''s vFilO Software-Defined Storage, you can bundle all your file and object data into a centrally managed global namespace, benefiting from unprecedented visibility and control over on-premise and cloud storage. vFilO decouples storage hardware from software, enabling ultimate flexibility over how and where you store data.

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With DataCore Swarm, you get a local object storage solution that greatly simplifies the management, storage and protection of data. Applications, devices and end users get multi-protocol access (S3 / HTTP, API, NFS / SMB) to the data managed with Swarm.

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Support/abonnement pour appliance de stockage vSphere

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New challenges posed by the virtualisation trend.

Chief executives all agree—pooling resources through virtualisation can lead to substantial savings. It renders many hardware components obsolete, while more fully utilising others. As a result, the virtualisation of applications, desktops, printers and storage continues to forge ahead. But costs aren’t the only benefit, as virtualisation also opens the door to entirely new business gains. For instance, storage reliability is boosted through smart solutions and enhanced redundancy. Manufacturers such as Citrix and Veeam offer sophisticated software solutions for all aspects of virtualisation, available in our Bechtle online shop.


Virtualisation and data security.

One drawback to virtualisation remains, namely the considerable security challenges it poses. Are existing security strategies for physical components still effective if these modules have since moved into the virtual realm? Is data truly safe in the cloud? According to a survey conducted by Bitdefender, the majority of IT decision-makers are highly sceptical. This makes it clear that special virtualisation software also compels new solutions and updates to guarantee security. Bechtle keeps a watchful eye on the market, regularly adding new software solutions to our online offering. Because the staying power of virtualisation depends on the ability to keep your data safe.


Virtualisation software in the Bechtle online shop.

In many business areas, virtualised computer systems have replaced physical hardware. The average desk-bound employee most likely hasn’t noticed any differences. After all, applications still run the same and workflows haven’t changed at all. Virtualisation does, however, significantly affect software when it comes to complex tasks. Big industry players such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix have brought groundbreaking technology onto the market. We offer a broad selection of cutting-edge virtualisation software and more, including several hundred products that also encompass infrastructure and management.