The Bechtle story. A tale of the future.


Bechtle’s remarkable success as an IT provider has spanned more than 35 years. Founded in Heilbronn, Germany, in 1983, it has grown from a microbusiness to an established international partner delivering future-facing IT. We’re firmly anchored in our local region, yet globally connected. And our 12,000 employees strive each and every day to turn your IT projects into a resounding success.

2020. On the job.

The year is dominated by the COVID 19 pandemic, with all its effects on the economy, everyday working life, and private life. With an outstanding team of now 12,180 employees, Bechtle defies the crisis: revenues increase to 5.8 billion euros, EBT by 14.6 percent, and the margin improves from 4.4 to 4.7 percent. In addition, Bechtle achieves remarkable new records by exceeding 2 billion euros in revenues in the business with public clients, the historically highest parcel output in central logistics, and 30,000 applications received.

2019. Mission completed.

After hitting its mark of 10,000 employees, Bechtle also reaches its Vision 2020 revenue goal with a jump of over one billion to now 5.3 billion euros. No less than nine acquisitions see more companies than ever join the Bechtle Group. By the end of the year, 11,487 people work for Bechtle. And the Bechtle share is flying high, soaring 84.5 per cent over the course of the year.

2018. Vision 2030.

All sights are locked on growth. On 24 September, Bechtle AG debuts on the MDAX, putting it firmly on the list of Germany’s top 90 companies. The acquisition of Inmac Wstore S.A.S in France is Bechtle’s biggest haul to date. Bechtle introduces its own brand, ARTICONA, and in December, the company counts over 10,000 employees. Revenues climb past the four-billion-euro threshold as Bechtle raises the bar with a new Vision 2030.

2017. Global.

Bechtle AG continues to expand its Software Division by acquiring Smartpoint IT Consulting GmbH with locations in Linz and Vienna, the system houses Ulbel & Freidorfer in Graz and Comformatik AG located in Villingen-Schwenningen. Bechtle also adds another partner to its global network—The Softline Group, headquartered in Moscow, opening up the markets in Russia, Turkey and the CIS. In December, Bechtle surpasses one billion euros of revenue in its public sector business for the first time.

2016. Connected.

Two new partnerships are forged in Latin America—Compucentro in Mexico and Microware in Brazil. Shortly after, Bechtle adds yet another member to their Global IT AllianceData#3 Limited in Brisbane, Australia. Bechtle expands its existing IT solution portfolio to include its own product and project financing solutions for the first time through Bechtle Financial Services AG. Bechtle merges with Steffen Informatik AG and gains five new locations in Switzerland. At the central logistics hub in Neckarsulm, Bechtle introduces an augmented reality solution, equipping warehouse staff with smart glasses. This is the world’s first live deployment of SAP’s mobile AR Warehouse Picker app. 7,667 dedicated employees smash the three billion euro mark in revenues.

2015. Konichiwa, Ni hao und Hello.

Bechtle expands the Global IT Alliance—cooperative partnerships with Japan Business Systems in Tokyo, Jardine OneSolution Limited in Hong Kong and Datacentrix Holdings Limited in South Africa open up access to further attractive markets for Bechtle. Bechtle continues to grow with the opening of a new branch in Saarbrücken and the founding of a branch in Belgium specialising in procurement solutions for the public sector. For the first time, Bechtle employs more than 7,000 people, 7,205, to be precise. Revenues grow to 2.82 billion euros.

2014. First.

Bechtle becomes Germany’s number one IT system house (in terms of domestic revenue). Around 200 children explore their parents’ workplace during the first Bring-Your-Kid-To-Work Day. Bechtle builds strategic alliances with IT suppliers PC Connection (USA), Atea (Scandinavia and Baltic countries), and Lexel (New Zealand and Australia). Bechtle strengthens its presence in the Austrian market with the acquisition of Planet! Software-Vertrieb & Consulting GmbH in Vienna. Bechtle also acquires Amaras AG—a specialist in on-site services. ARP, part of the Bechtle Group, expands into Belgium with the founding of a new IT e-commerce company. Revenue rises to 2.58 billion euros and the number of employees increases to 6,572.

2013. 30 years of Bechtle, 30 years of future.

Right at the start of Bechtle's 30th anniversary year, the new office space at Bechtle Platz 1 is ready for use. The headquarters now has 27,600 m2 at its disposal. Acquisition of Viritim Systemhaus GmbH in Karlsruhe expands the Software Division. Bechtle also expands its IT System House segment in Switzerland by acquiring Sedna Informatik AG as well as Sitexs-Databusiness IT-Solutions GmbH in Vienna. Revenue increases to 2.27 billion euros—a new record. The number of employees rises to 6,219.

2012. Investing in the future.

This entire year is focused on laying the foundation for Bechtle’s future. Major events include further acquisitions, new locations in Ulm and Augsburg, as well as a new e-commerce company in Hungary. In addition, the brand-new Bechtle Remarketing GmbH subsidiary adds another dimension to Bechtle’s portfolio. Over 500 employees are added to the payroll, bringing the total to 5,970. They are offered more opportunities than ever before to develop skills, acquire qualifications and attain certifications. Bechtle also receives several awards recognising its performance and customer satisfaction. Construction to expand Bechtle’s headquarters is completed, increasing the building’s capacity to 1,650 employees.

2010. Record year.

With its newest subsidiary in Poland, the e-commerce brand Bechtle direct is now present in twelve European countries. Bechtle also acquires the iits group of system houses (taking over four locations in northern Germany) as well as HTH Consulting GmbH, located in St Pölten, Austria. CAD software specialist Solidpro Informationssysteme GmbH, which has nine locations throughout Germany, also joins the Bechtle Group. Revenues reach a record-breaking 1.72 billion euros, and the number of employees rises to 4,800.

Competence Days 2010.