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Nº del fabricante: 49874

Nº de Bechtle: 4337932

Tipo de batería: AAA, Recargable: No, Tensión: 1.5 V, Tipo de producto: Batería

Disponible en 20 días.

Nº del fabricante: SGWC001SLBK

Nº de Bechtle: 4332242


Precio bruto: 52,70 € incluye 9,15 € en concepto de IVA

Disponible en 5 días.

Nº del fabricante: 49920

Nº de Bechtle: 630753

Tipo de batería: AAA, Recargable: No, Tensión: 1.5 V, Tipo de producto: Batería


Precio bruto: 1,03 € incluye 0,18 € en concepto de IVA

Disponible en 20 días.

Finding the right battery.

Batteries and button cells are found in devices throughout your company, whether it’s your dictation device, phone, or wireless mouse. They’re often an afterthought until their charge runs out, sending you on the hunt for a replacement. In our Bechtle online shop, you’ll find button cells and rechargeable batteries, most of which are offered in the standard AA and AAA sizes. We also carry compatible chargers, available immediately, so you can recharge your batteries when needed. Universal chargers by Hama are especially useful, as they accommodate almost any size Lithium-ion battery. 


Testing and replacing batteries.

The battery testers in our shop are easy to use and extremely practical, allowing you to test various sizes of batteries as well as button cells. So you can quickly determine whether your device malfunction was simply due to a dead battery. If it’s actual batteries and chargers you need, you’ll find these in our shop as well. Chargers, for instance, are listed not only under office equipment, but also in other categories, depending on their function. If you need one for your smartphone, for example, look for it under smartphone accessories in the mobile computing category.


Primary and non-rechargeable batteries.

The batteries in our Bechtle online shop are available for immediate delivery. We carry NiMH rechargeable batteries by brands such as Hama, which also produces additional power accessories. Don’t hesitate to contact our product managers with any questions you may have about primary and rechargeable batteries or other power accessories.