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Bechtle IT System House Eisenach.

Bechtle IT System House Eisenach.

The IT system house has been rooted in the region since 1990 and has been part of the Bechtle Group since 1996. Its range of services includes client management, virtualisation and IT security.

  • Founded in: 1990 (MTF)
  • Joined Bechtle: in 1996
  • Vocational training provided for: IT systems integration specialist, IT systems management assistant, office management assistant; support for university students studying business information systems
  • Competence Centre: virtualisation
  • Training centre
Tilo Müler Weimar.jpg
Tilo Müller

Managing Director

  • Core IT solutions:
  • IT operation, services & support, client management, server & storage, networking solutions, business applications, virtualisation, IT security, software
  • Other: 
  • Microsoft SharePoint (consulting, introduction, development, integration), Microsoft System Center (consulting and introduction), Citrix client and application management (consulting and introduction), IT health checks and documentation, process structure analyses (IT maps), standard and custom training

Active in the region since 1990, the IT system house in Eisenach joined the Bechtle group in 1996. Its portfolio includes IT solutions in the areas of client management, server & storage, networking solutions, virtualisation, IT security and software.



  • IT-Lösungen:
    IT-Betrieb, Services & Support, Client Management, Server & Storage, Networking Solutions, Business Applications, Virtualisierung, IT Security, Software
  • Spezielle Angebote:
    Microsoft SharePoint (Beratung, Einführung, Entwicklung, Integration), Microsoft System Center (Beratung und Einführung), Citrix Client und Application Management (Beratung und Einführung), IT Health Checks und Dokumentationen, Prozess Struktur Analysen (IT-Landkarten), Standard- und Individualtrainings
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