Akust. korkowa ścianka WB MAULconnecto

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    The MAULconnecto is a modular, free-standing partition wall for modern room concepts. The room divider system combines concentration with communication and is customisable. Open space solutions: Creates concentration areas with noise protection and enhanced acoustics, privacy spaces with privacy screen for creative meetings or as an information wall Connect: 180 x 100 cm movable wall, consisting of three modules each measuring 60 x 100 cm, can be combined in different surfaces, modules inserted and fastened with screws Extremely flexible: Can be interlinked seamlessly with Velcro Redesign rooms: Set up several in a row, assemble quickly and easily rearrange at any time without tools Almost floor-length, opaque privacy screen: Only a 2 cm gap between floor and lower edge of panel Surrounding aluminium frame profile (thickness 44 mm) Stable steel feet incl. levelling foot to compensate for uneven floors (for any angle between 90 and 180°) Dimensions (L x D x H): :, 100 x 35 x 182 cm Frame colour: Silver Includes: Partition wall, 1 x Dark grey acoustic fleece, 1 x Cork, 1 x Whiteboard

    Akust. korkowa ścianka WB MAULconnecto

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