MAULclimb 47RC Zegar ścienny

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    - Classy: Elegant appearance, modern design - Extra large digits for good legibility even at long distances - Narrow and subtle frame, 0.6 cm, made from black shockproof plastic material - Radio controlled clock - 47 cm diameter - Narrow and stylish Arabic numerals in black, height 5.7 cm - For coworking offices, in auditoriums, seminar halls, warehouses, large entrance areas or foyers - Clock face cover made of mineral glass - Battery operation, includes 1 x 1.5 V (AA) battery - Clock face in white with hour and minute marks - Movement mechanism, hour and minute hands in black, second hand in red - Automatic synchronisation with DCF77 signal, automatic adjustment of summer/winter time Signal interference due to geological situations or metal constructions in buildings is possible. Range of the signal approx. 1500 km from the transmitter location. In these cases, a manual adjustment is necessary - Mounted on a wall using a loop

    MAULclimb 47RC Zegar ścienny

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