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    Cloud service with extensive CMS & RM features. Valid for 12 months after purchase (does not extend automatically) Incl. highly available cloud service. 24 x 7 support level through Samsung NOC & proactive monitoring, e-mail/contact form Samsung VXT is a subscription-based management solution that enables the publication and sharing of content created with the embedded VXT Canvas as well as multimedia content imported from external sources (e.g. Pictures and videos) Comes with a simple and intuitive UI/UX Offers a range of resources that can be used for the creation of content (e.g. widgets, pictures, videos and shapes) Provides a selection of artistic content and templates (e.g. restaurant menu boards) to facilitate content creation Offers advanced remote device management capabilities that enable easy, real-time control and management of both individual and groups of devices. Samsung VXT Enterprise Features: General: - Tags - SSO Content Management Features: - Multi-screen enrolment - Mobile UI - Content creation tools (Canvas) - Sync play - Ad (3rd party ad play) Remote Management Features: - Real time control (streaming) - Detailed screen status - On/off - Auto shut off - Screen orientation - Remote configuration - Preset - Control of multiple devices - Lock Bluetooth/USB/Wi-Fi/network/remote control) - Software update - Private certificate - Energy management - Early warning Service: - 24 x 7 e-mail response - 24 x 7 call centre - 24 x 7 remote supports - 24 x 7 proactive monitoring

    Samsung VXT (CMS + RM) Enterprise

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