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    The Eaton 93PX 20 kVA RT9U UPS is the perfect solution for protecting your business against power outages. With 20 kW of active power and an apparent power of 20 kVA as well as 1+3 phase inputs and outputs, this UPS delivers the power necessary for demanding requirements. Double conversion technology ensures a continuous power supply while the integrated SNMP/management system allows simple monitoring and management. With an run time of up to 7 minutes at 50 % load and up to 2 minutes at 100 % load, you can be sure that operations will continue even in the event of a power failure. The battery has a life of 3 - 5 years and the modern design fits into every environment. Modular and scalable UPS system, Online double-conversion according to VFI-SS-111, Tower model with rack-mount kit, Required rack space: 9 U, Max. 3 parallel/redundant managed units (up to 60 kW or 40 kW with N+1 redundancy), Ports: RS-232/DB9, Relay In/Out, Incl. SNMP management card Input: Hardwired Output: Hardwired Incl. 2 battery packs (2 battery modules each) Runtime: At 20 kW: approx. 2 min. At 15 kW: approx. 4 min. At 10 kW: approx. 7 min. At 7.5 kW: approx. 10 min. Please note: The UPS must be connected by a professional electrician.

    UPS Eaton 93PX 20 kVA RT9U 400/230 V

    Rodzaj produktu3-fazowy UPS
    Gwarancja producentaRoczny ograniczony serwis na miejscu (szczegóły na stronie producenta)
    Moc znamionowa (VA)20 kVA
    Moc czynna20 kW
    Wejście1-fazowe + 3-fazowe
    Wyjście1-fazowe + 3-fazowe
    Czas autonomii przy 50 % obciążeniu (do)7 min
    Czas autonomii przy 100 % obciążeniu(do)2 min
    TechnologiaZ podwójną konwersją (online)
    Typ bateriiVRLA (ołów-żel)
    Żywotność baterii3 - 5 r./l.
    Właściwości fizyczne
    Wymiary (szer. x wys. x gł.)438 x 387 x 691 mm
    Waga148,0 kg