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Employee happiness and -experience have never been more important as it is today. If you don’t give your employees what they want, your competition will. Especially for creative professionals and productive workers it is important that they can work with the best tools available. Having to work with outdated hardware is often considered a dealbreaker. Evolve the way you work and achieve the highest possible standard with Samsung’s monitor range, specifically designed for an optimum user experience.

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Samsung professional monitor – Human Benefits.


From the design of the bezels to intuitive tools, our monitors offer enhanced user experience.


  • Flat and curved displays (up to 1000R curvature)
  • Connectivity (USB-C/Thunderbolt™, LAN, DP, etc.)
  • Wide colorgamut (up to 98% DCI-P3) 
  • Color support (up to 1.07 billion colors)
  • Multitasking tools (Picture-by-Picture, Picture-in-Picture)


Our products maximize viewing comfort,while protecting against eye strain.


  • Adaptive picture (adjust brightness & color)
  • Eye Saver Mode  (reduces blue light emissions)
  • Flicker Free (no flickering screens)
  • Ergonomic stand (HAS, tilt, swivel, pivot, VESA)



We work to push technology forward withmore environmentally conscious innovations.


  • Eco Saving Plus (use up to 10% less energy)
  • Our packaging (reduced plastics and oil-based ink)
  • Industry certifications (TCO Certified, EPEAT)



A billion colours with incredible depth.

Samsung’s UHD and QHD monitors deliver crisper, clearer, sharper texts and images. The high resolution monitors show more detail, and the wider workspace allows you to view more content with less scrolling and zooming.

Create work with real-world accuracy thanks to HDR 10. Samsung ViewFinity monitors replicate one billion different colours with brighter light areas and darker blacks, ensuring graphics, video editing and design reviews are represented with strict precision.

Versatile connectivity.

Every monitor is equipped with a variety of ports that allow you to customise your workspace to your exact specifications – from Thunderbolt, USB Type-C and Display Port to Headphone In and HDMI connections.

With a LAN port, you can take advantage of 1Gbps web speeds in a simplified setup as your PC is automatically connected to networks when plugged in via USB Type-C. Plus, Wake on LAN allows PCs to be remotely turned on when connected to the monitor.

Flat and curved displays.

The monitors offer perfect colour down to the last detail. The IPS/VA2 panel preserves vividness and clarity across every inch of the screen. Work comfortably on the productivity-boosting wide display. With the 178˚ degrees viewing angle, tones and shades look accurate and without colour washing. 

Engineered to match the natural curvature of the eyes, the ergonomic curved panel offers enhanced viewing comfort. Samsung curved monitors are validated on their performance in increasing eye comfort.

Ergonomic and eye-saving.

Comfort is key, and Samsung’s monitors are designed with your well-being in mind. Customize your setup to suit your preferences, ensuring a comfortable working experience. Say goodbye to neck pain and revel in the precision of accurate tones and shades. Plus, the monitors' lower blue light emissions contribute to reducing eye strain, making your work hours more pleasant and productive.

Multitasking tools.

Picture-by-picture (PBP) lets you connect two different devices to the monitor and view input from both simultaneously at their native resolution side-by-side on the screen.

Picture-in-picture (PIP) acts like a second monitor and allows flexible customisation of the second screen size.

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