IT business architecture – Implementation.

Once the migration is complete, we check your IT solution one more time to make sure everything works the way it should. We keep a close eye on the project as it advances. For example, your new system may function perfectly, but your employees might find it difficult to use the new software. In this case, our IT business architects must come up with a way to support your employees through additional instruction and training.



What do we do after implementation?

  • Set up governance
  • Observe how the project advances
  • Keep an eye out for any deviations from the plan
  • Assess risk situations
  • Review business benefits
  • Provide training



The end is just the beginning.

Once the new architecture has been implemented, we begin fine-tuning it, observing and inspecting. Is everything working as intended? What happens when the system is subjected to load peaks? Are there enough resources available? Does your new IT mesh well with your business processes, or do we need to make some adjustments? Our job is done only when your new IT solution functions perfectly.

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Every project has multiple goals and challenges that must be identified and assessed, while keeping your business front and centre.


The second step is taking a thorough inventory of your situation and ensuring risk management. Then we develop potential solutions for your company.


Once you’ve settled on an IT solution, we begin defining general parameters such as costs, financing, infrastructure selection and more.


Introducing new IT solutions and services should be a seamless process, without any disruptions to your daily business.