IT business architecture – Assessment and blueprint.

An analysis that delves into every aspect of your business may seem intimidating as it can uncover past mistakes and neglected issues. But now more than ever, such an analysis can hold the key to new business models.



Our comprehensive assessment of your situation lays the groundwork for real-world solutions scenarios:

  • Recording your current architecture
  • Identifying gaps
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Examining your architecture from various angles
  • Preparing a roadmap
  • Describing your target architecture


To prevent errors or potential future issues, our IT business architects review their solutions scenarios in the light of such considerations as data privacy, future viability and risk management. They want to know, for example, what is the worst thing that could happen? And how stable and secure would your IT solution be if this event occurred? We won’t begin drafting a solution until these questions have been answered.

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Counting on business continuity.

If your operations came screeching to a halt, would you be prepared? Creating key emergency documents—such as an emergency handbook and recovery and restore plans—using Docusnap is absolutely vital. In fact, emergency handbooks are a part of business continuity management. Docusnap makes it much easier to keep documentation up to date.



Ready for the cloud?

Companies often make the decision to pursue cloud services based on a single use case. However, this can have numerous far-reaching consequences. Bechtle’s cloud readiness assessment will provide you with a much more thorough analysis. Our validated method examines whether your company truly needs cloud services or if another solution better fits the bill.

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Webinar: Common cloud mistakes and how to avoid them.

A cloud readiness check can help you avoid common cloud mistakes before it’s too late. This webinar explains what such an assessment entails (German only).


Every project has multiple goals and challenges that must be identified and assessed, while keeping your business front and centre.


Once you’ve settled on an IT solution, we begin defining general parameters such as costs, financing, infrastructure selection and more.


Introducing new IT solutions and services should be a seamless process, without any disruptions to your daily business.


Successful, professional installation is only the beginning. Then it’s time to optimise operation.