IT business architecture – Needs and requirements.

The very first step of working together is getting to know one another. Your goals set the stage for tomorrow’s business, and they must be supported by tailor-fit IT. This requires an understanding of how your business and technology interact, as well as insight into specific on-site requirements not only at headquarters but also in branch offices. After taking a thorough inventory of your specific situation, we ask the following questions:


  • Where do you want your business to be in two years?
  • Which goals are realistic? What is needed to achieve them?
  • What regulatory requirements are there?
  • Which standards must be complied with?
  • What contractual obligations are there?

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Take the first step with the Opportunities workshop.

After attending our Opportunities workshop, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of what is required for a forward-facing service strategy. This workshop is the first step of your business assessment, making it a quick way to get your feet wet in the area of IT business architecture. You’ll leave the workshop with not only an assessment but also recommendations for action.


IT infrastructure analysis.

Your IT business architect uses this analysis to ensure ongoing documentation of your environment. This is supplemented by the implementation of individual modules based on your requirements (emergency management, licence management, IT service modelling, relationship modelling, rights management and much more).

Keeping expectations realistic.

There is often quite a gap between where your company is right now and where you want to be in future. Our IT business architects know what is realistic and work with you to define a solution that will deliver the greatest benefits over the long term.

Recognising and fostering true vision.

Until you begin working with a partner, you may not know what opportunities are available to help you grow now and in future. For example, you may discover new services or business models that no one thought of previously. We’ll give you a fresh perspective on your business.

Spotlight on your business.

Digitalisation has brought IT out from behind the scenes and made it a key consideration for business models. Our IT business architects always make sure to keep both topics centre stage—because your long-term success depends on a symbiosis of IT and business.




Defining IT solutions – Forming teams – Unleashing synergies.

As soon as our IT business architects have completed their requirements management and professional assessment, they’ll begin developing your ideal IT solution. Selecting the right framework is essential, and that includes identifying the departments and roles that will be affected by the change. In addition, our IT business architects will put together a dedicated team of Bechtle experts, based on your requirements, to help with these tasks—so that we can truly serve you as a one-stop provider.


The second step is taking a thorough inventory of your situation and ensuring risk management. Then we develop potential solutions for your company.


Once you’ve settled on an IT solution, we begin defining general parameters such as costs, financing, infrastructure selection and more.


Introducing new IT solutions and services should be a seamless process, without any disruptions to your daily business.


Successful, professional installation is only the beginning. Then it’s time to optimise operation.