Modern Workplace – the all-round solution for IT workplaces.

The way we work is changing dramatically. Employees enjoy more flexibility in their work days and are increasingly mobile, allowing virtually seamless productivity—from desk, to home, to meeting room, to travels. It’s almost as if work has become detached from time and space. However, the modern anywhere workplace means all new challenges for organisations. IT workplaces are increasingly complex and difficult to deploy. From planning, financing and licensing, to rollouts, user training and services all the way to remarketing—managing an IT workplace ties up a lot of resources in your company. And that’s far from the end of it. Critical security, mobility, collaboration and software deployment require thorough consideration. The need for smooth, undisrupted business processes calls for an effective workplace solution that tackles all these challenges head-on.

Questions about the digital workplace?


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The Modern Workplace by Bechtle frees up valuable resources so your IT department shifts its focus back on driving your business.


Our workplace concept means we ensure your IT workstations are functional, finetuned and up to date at all times, while also staying within budget. What’s more, we’re here to give you in-depth and and vendor-neutral advice. You can choose from our broad portfolio spanning over 300 vendors. Best of all, Bechtle’s workplace solutions unify your IT workstation landscape, optimise feature sets, and streamline processes to build a sound technical stepping stone towards future-proof provisioning concepts.

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The only solution you need.

With Bechtle’s custom workplace solutions, you’re booking the full round trip. From consulting to rollout to remarketing, we have your digital workplaces covered, giving your IT department maximal freedom to help you achieve your goals. We simply take workplace availability and security off your mind.

Modern Workplace 360°.


Do you just want to outtask specific time-guzzlers? Not a problem – our solutions adapt easily to meet your individual needs. Just get in touch. We are happy to help!

Modern Workplace benefits.

Imagine spending less to operate your end-devices, or paying only for the resources you actually use. Our workplace services not only save you money, they also enable you to adapt IT workplaces to new requirements quickly and easily. The result is a more flexible, transparent cost structure and future-ready infrastructure.


Your benefits:

  • A lower TCO thanks to reduced maintenance
  • Transparent pay-what-you-use pricing
  • Less hardware overhead thanks to cloud-based applications.Fast and easy cclient management thanks to centralised software deployments and virtualisation.
  • Automated software updates
  • Faster provisioning of IT workplaces
  • No more software maintenance

Our modular workplace solutions align perfectly with your individual needs.


We recommend products that suit your business, and show you what licences the various vendors offer.


Bechtle’s Managed Workplace Services put your focus back on driving your business while we make sure your digital workplaces are up and running at all times. 


Servers, PCs, notebooks and other end devices are configured and tested before installation. New applications are standardised and deployed efficiently so that your employees can get to work immediately.


Bechtle Financial Services helps you find the right financial solution for your IT, while, our highly customisable online procurement system, bios®, streamlines your entire ordering process.


We develop a transition, rollout and service concept that is tailored to your individual requirements. A standardised framework for control and quality assurance ensures the success of the project.


Bechtle can manage the complete lifecycle of your hardware and software, all the way to efficient asset remarketing for that extra bit of financial cushion. 

Individual and flexible workplace concepts.

Of course, no two companies are alike. Each business has its own specific workplace requirements, which is why we design custom, flexible schemes for each of our customers. We provide an integrated, virtualised operating environment for your device landscape, accommodating a variety of vendors and operating systems. We do this by offering standard modules that can be supplemented by individual services provided by us or, if you prefer, yourself.


As a result, costs are lower and IT security is higher—and your entire workplace landscape is better prepared for the long-term future.


Andreas Wilker, member of the board of Bechtle Systemhaus Holding AG outlines the future of the workplace.


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