Managed network and security – optimal performance at all times.


Your network is the nervous system of your IT infrastructure. Its availability, functionality and stability are vital for the very existence of your company. You need your network to deliver optimal performance, minimal latency, maximum security and 100% availability.



The solution:

Managed Network and Security. With the goal of optimal network health at all times, our experts will monitor and manage your entire LAN, WAN and network topology to ensure all components such as switches, access points or firewalls work in harmony edge to core.


Systematic load balancing and WAN acceleration optimises the performance of physical and virtual networks and unlocks the full potential of your available bandwidth. Any anomalies such as increased latency, reduced throughput or availability are immediately recognised and dealt with in order to remedy the situation even before a disruption or downtime occurs.



Our managed network and security services include:

  • Remote operation of LAN and WAN components
  • Deployment of additional service units as required
  • Guaranteed availability of LAN and WAN components
  • Firmware updates to safeguard operational stability
  • Provision of standard monthly service reports
  • Regular service review meetings
  • Inclusion of WAN providers to resolve disruptions
  • Operation of web filter systems
  • Operation of proxy servers
  • Operation of antivirus gateways
  • Operation of load balancers
  • Operation of firewalls
  • Inclusion of WAN accelerators
  • Operation of access gateways
  • Operation of Wireless LAN access points

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