planetsoftware - your SOLIDWORKS partner in Austria.  

planetsoftware GmbH is Austria’s leading systems integrator for SOLIDWORKS solutions. Since it was founded in 1996, planetsoftware has been supporting companies through all stages of product development right through to production, with CAMWorks..


planetsoftware offers a wide range of basic and advanced courses in addition to phone and remote maintenance support. Its four branches ensure customer care wherever you are.

It has been part of the Bechtle Group since 2014, taking care of PLM processes. Our expertise is in machine, plant, tool, and mould construction as well as industrial and consumer design and medical engineering.


Our solutions – 3D CAD software from SOLIDWORKS.

We use 3D CAD software solutions from the Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corporation. The integrated, parallel development and high ease-of use are factors that result in better, more affordable products that are quicker to launch. Its more than 5 million users the world over speaks for itself.

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planetsoftware GmbH

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3D CAD: Ideas turn into brilliant products.


With one piece of software, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD product solutions provide engineers, design engineers and manufacturers with all the mechanical construction, simulation, manufacture, file management and collaboration tools they need to develop innovative products.


All SOLIDWORKS software products have fully associative integration into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. Consequently, all SOLIDWORKS products work together and use the same construction data. This ensures that all construction changes are automatically updated in all applications.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD gives your teams extensive possibilities and benefits:

  • Enhanced product development from design right though to production
  • Significant cost savings when supporting multiple construction and production tools by implementing a seamlessly integrated design-to-manufacturing solution.
  • Works directly with CAD data created with a common 3D CAD system
  • Automatic updating of documentation and bills of materials in line with production changes
  • Cost and manufacturing-oriented construction thanks to tools for cost estimation tools and manufacturability
  • Accelerated creation of 2D drawings that can potentially even be unnecessary
  • CAM programming option for CNC editing for SOLIDWORKS CAM with CAMWorks technology
  • Construction changes possible at any time that can be simply and quickly forwarded to downstream departments
  • Efficient working with application-specific tools for drilling, connection elements, sheet metal, injection moulding, plastic and metal casting, welding, surface treatment, network models, reverse engineering, piping, and electrical circuits
  • Output of exact production BOMS with just one click of your mouse

    PDM: Find and use product data more quickly.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM (product data management) solutions enable construction designers to collaborate smoothly with product constructions, without having to worry about version controls or data loss. You can save CAD models and all types of related documents—from e-mails to images—in an indexed, central repository that features version tracking and automated workflows. This reduces time required to find data and eliminates additional work.


    SOLIDWORKS PDM gives your teams extensive possibilities and advantages:

    • Save time when searching in a secure, central repository for all construction documents, and use configurable search types that make it easier to input search criteria
    • Access control for data, so that the right users can gain access at the right time, regardless of where in an approval process a file is
    • Effective version control to avoid reworking and rejections because of outdated versions of 3D models and drawings
    • Option of receiving real time updates for construction changes in connection with automatic notifications to external construction locations
    • No unnecessary time wasted looking for or recreating documents that have been moved, renamed, misplaced, or deleted

    CAM: Integrated design and manufacturing processes in one system.


    For a seamless transition from development to manufacturing, we offer two innovative CAM solutions: CAMWorks and SOLIDWORKS CAM.


    These manufacturing solutions enable you to make good use of the extensive information made available by the 3D CAD models for reliable and efficient programming of CNC machines. You will be able to eliminate error-prone, time-consuming and repetitive, manual processes so that you can focus on the fundamental components. There are additional benefits to be gained from manufacturing strategies and costs for quote calculation.